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Well my plan to drug myself to the max before bed last night worked. Now I didn't pass out for 8 solid hours like I would have preferred but close enough. I was able - for the most part - to ignore my darth vader death rattle I have going on in my chest. I think it might be better tonight so I am going to forego the cough medicine and just take sleepy pills. The sleepy pills are to help me ignore any rattle left in the chest.

So I came home at lunch today and co-wrote - fine I ran by the letters I wrote on Keith's behalf for his claim. It's a futile effort but I feel we have to do something. Just because the writing is on the wall doesn't mean we have to flash a huge light on it and throw ourselves against the wall and just give up. Or something to that affect.

I feel like I'm slinking around the office though. I'm trying not to run into the girl who denied Keith's claim - yah that's right I work with her. That pisses me off that they didn't move his file. I"m sure she's not too happy that I not only wrote her a letter, I mean Keith did, but wrote her manager a letter too. I wasn't bitching about her or anything just also pleading with the manager for some damn help. God this situation sucks cause I really want to let loose and just sound off about everything in this diary but.....I won't. Getting fired is not high on my list.

It's bad enough today our employer lifted the ban and we can now go on 'social networking sites' at work. This is huge. Not sure what's up with that but I'm pretty sure it's a trick. They can watch every key stroke you make on work's computer so of course they are going to monitor what you say on FB. This girl ain't gonna fall for it. No going on FB for me at work. Nope.

Already bed time is here and now gotta go snooze - wish me luck!

10:13 p.m. - 2013-03-06


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