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The return of the House Husband

So yah, we are both still processing this recent development of Keith losing his job. Itís one thing to say ďI know itís going to happenĒ but as you know itís totally another thing when it actually happens. I think we are in floundering mode. Weíre still processing the job loss but at the same time we are waiting for his ROE from his employer so we can find out if Keith qualified for EI. We are also persuing getting his claim overturned. I honestly donít hold out much hope for that to happen. There are many many reasons but I wonít get into them here. Needless to say I am not pinning my hope on his claim being overturned. We will have to concentrate on EI and finding out what that entails. Basically Keith is unable to work due to his leg Ė he cannot stand on it for more than 30 minutes Ė so realistically applying for a job is a no-go but I know he will still try. My head aches when I think about it for too long. We only Ďfightí or Ďargueí when we are writing letters to comp because I have to play devilís advocate cause Iíve worked here too long and know how we go on the attack. Our discussions can get very heated and we have to step back and realize weíre both working towards the same goal. But enough about that.

Saturday I woke up after a fitful sleep and even though I woke up tired I could not go back to sleep. I decided that we should just say to hell with the whole job loss for the weekend and concentrate on spending time with family and being surrounded by those who love and support us. Keith got up not long after looking ragged Ė he slept like crap. Not long after I sent him back to bed as he had only slept for a couple hours. But once he was up for good we packed an overnight bag and hit the highway. It was sunny and beautiful out. Of course we discussed his job loss and even though it sounded cheesy I had to tell him that I did not blame him for his injury or for getting fired. I wanted to make that very clear to him. Itís a crap situation and I do not want him blaming himself. I hope I got through to him.

We got to my dadís church and my sil and brother were just finishing up their music practice, while D was running around like a crazy child and Serious S was looking serious and being handed around. We talked to my parents for a bit and before too long we were on our way to my brother and silís. Little D ate his dinner and his nana came over. After putting him to bed the adults went out while nana watched the boys. My silís mom is not in the greatest of health. She is now on oxygen 24/7. She spent the evening holding Serious S cause he was a fussy pants due to his feeling under the weather. I felt a tiny bit guilty because my brother and sil said after I left the weekend before both boys came down with a cold and Serious S has a cough exactly like mine. Worst Aunt Ever. But others are taking credit (or blame) for giving them a cold so Iím okay with that!

So the 4 of us had an awesome dinner out. We did so much laughing and just enjoyed each otherís company. We went to this fancy steak place. My bro and sil were way too generous as they would not let us pay and insisted on treating us even though the dinner was in honour of my silís birthday!! She had been given birthday money and was using it on all of us. Itís not like they are in the financial position to do that so was very generous of them.

Once back home we sent a tired nana on her way and then proceeded to bring out Cranium as it's my sil's favourite game ever. We played guys vs girls. Again I can't remember laughing so hard - for example my brother had to draw a 'bead curtain' but for some reason (cough*beer*cough) he read it as 'bread curtain'. He started drawing all this bread and my sil and I are looking at each other and we couldn't stop laughing - we had to stop him and make him read the card again. We finally went to bed at 1am which was really 2am with the time change. Then we were up at 8 but my brother and sil were up earlier wtih the boys - talk about tired! But it was my sil's actual b-day so she was in good spirits.

At churh was Serious S's baptism. Keith got the task of keeping Little D entertained which means he hung out in the gym with D and his cousin for the whole service. After church and once everyone was gone we had sandwhiches and cake for my sil's b-day. It was a wonderful day. As we left my mom handed me an enveloped - inside was a gas card for $50. Super generous. My parents are the best. We then drove home super tired and Keith had an upset stomach to boot so we had to make a few extra stops for him.

I still haven't caught up on all my sleep yet. Last night just before bed I told Keith we had to print off the letter for his claim and then the fun started - ugh - nothing says sleepy like fightin' before bed time!

But I did forget how nice it was to come home to my husband - he had dinner cooking - the kitchen clean and had done all the grocery shopping. Yup that part I did miss!

9:38 p.m. - 2013-03-11


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