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Hanging out with baby...finally

It's hard to believe I pay someone to hurt me. When did my massages become so intense? Hm when did my stress levels rise so much is probably the better question. But regardless I paid a woman yesterday to rub the knots out of my body and she concentrated on my upper shoulders and neck and yowza moving is kind of painful today.

Thursday night my throat was kind of sore and I was freaking - I could NOT get sick, I was going to visit T and her baby! So I had a huge nutri blast, echnicae and went to bed early(ish). It worked. I woke up feeling fine yesterday morning. After my massage I drove the 25 minutes to T's - without getting lost - she lives in the country. I spent the day with her and her little bundle of joy - her tiny bundle of joy! The baby is now 6 pounds. So tiny. I thought she should be wrapped up in at least a blanket cause it was cool in the house 64 but T has heard babies shouldn't be kept too warm. Yikes. I cuddled the little one and warmed up her hands and exposed legs. If you are walking around in a sweater then maybe your baby needs a blanket. Just sayin'. But it was weird watching T 'be a mom'. I thought about it more last night and realized it's because T is so rough. She loves to play rough with kids and animals. Never hurting them but I've just never really seen her be gentle. She did good. Her baby is already responding to her voice which is pretty cool. I had a great time hanging out with T and at one point we both had to laugh cause we were watching tv and snacking and T said she almost forgot there was a baby in the room and I had to agree with her - it was like old days!

I didn't get home til after 7pm a lot later than I thought. Luckily Keith kept busy yesterday by totally cleaning our two bathrooms from top to bottom and did an awesome job. If there is one job I totally hate it is cleaning the bathroom. Gag. It was a nice surprise. Also coming home to a homemade stew was a nice surprise.

So now I have the rest of the weekend ahead of me. Not sure what we are gonna do. It's supposed to be kind of nice today which means we have to at least get out for a few hours.

Oh I forgot to mention an invitation to a wedding I got in the mail the other day. In LAS VEGAS BABY!!!! Booyah. I so want to make this happen. I need to start us on a budget stat so we can start socking away money for this. NO putting it on the credit cards!!! Wish us luck cause I really really wanna go!!!

10:24 a.m. - 2013-03-23


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