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Cold Spring...Let's Swim!

I wrote this yesterday but close enough!

Ah yes.....Spring Showers indeed! This wacky weather just goes to show you how spoiled we have been the last few years! I feel like instead of bitching about it constantly I should just shut up and embrace it already! Maybe it’s like a spoiled 2 year old – if you don’t make noise about what they are doing then they will get bored out of not getting a reaction out of you and just stop it on their own….or um something like that.

This morning I was almost early for work 2 days in a row. By early I mean like 5 minutes so don’t go getting all impressed. But as I was driving here I realized when I threw my salad container in my lunch bag it had seemed kind of light and lacking of ‘fruit’ which I had wanted in it. Now not to sound like a spoiled brat but my husband is my cooking slave while he is unemployed and has taken over making my lunches when I go to bed. I pulled the car over on a side street, grabbed my lunch bag and checked – yup sure enough no fruit! I debated for 10 seconds what to do – nothing else to do but turn that car around and go get my fruit for my salad – I am dead serious about my lunch if you can’t tell! Now that my stomach bug is all gone I am serious as all get out about food! So I was late by like 5 minutes but no one was around to notice so meh.

I am going swimming with T tonight! It’s been well….a month at least cause that’s how old her daughter is! Her hubby is home for 2 weeks – since it’s the original due date he had pre-booked this vacay. I put a bug in T’s ear about swimming and boy did she jump at it! Although it was a little awkward in the beginning since I guess her hubby got scared at the thought of being alone with his newborn daughter for 2-3 hours and freaked out and didn’t want her to go. Then they discussed him coming with her and sitting in the viewing section with the babe. Then T’s mom brought up the chlorine in the air and questioned if it’s okay for the baby to be breathing it in. Then T said in a text she guilted him into it but then said she was joking instead she gave him ‘words of encouragement’. Me thinks she did a bit of both. C and I had a field day at that. T’s hubby is already on our shit list cause the more time passes the more I realize he really does just want her for himself and is jealous of her friendships and the time she spends with us. I can’t help but resent the guy just a little for keeping one of my best friends from me or for making her feel guilty for spending time away from him…..and now their baby. I’m sure T can handle this but she shouldn’t have to.

Oh and just to put the cold baby thing to rest I did make some inquiries after a thoughtful comment in my dland notes prompted me and yup they are wrapping that kid up now! I had also complained to my sil and I think she may have even had a convo with T about it. So yay – warm baby!

Well Keith got his MRI results which was surprisingly fast! He followed up with the urgent care doctor since ours is still on medical leave. It’s another tear. The UC doctor sent the report to the Surgeon who fixed Keith last time. Now he has to sit around and wait for a call from them. Lots of hurry up and wait around here. Keith did get EI and so far the money is coming in – thank God! Our bills are still getting paid and we are doing okay. My parents have been amazing. Not only did they give us the $50 gas card a few weeks ago but when we saw them at Easter they gave us both a card….with $50 each in it. My parents don’t have money to throw around so it really does mean a lot when they do things like that.

Thursday night S is coming in to town. She is going to spend the night and then on Friday continue on her journey. She is meeting up with her boyfriend in Wind-sor and then from there they are driving on to Nashville!!! They are going with a couple other people. They are going to have a helluva time!

Initially I was going to take a few hours off Friday morn to have breakfast with S and head into work then I decided screw it why not take the whole day! So I am. I got the vacation days so it’s not a big deal – plus hello 3 day weekend! Again! Here’s to no stomach virus this time around!

8:11 p.m. - 2013-04-11


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