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I need more roadtrips....

The end of a weekend is always sad. The end of a 3 day weekend even more so.

Friday I woke up to the after affects of the ice storm just like the weather people had promised. We were very lucky as it seemed people in the surrounding areas all lost power and had a ton of downed trees - all we had was a slippery front step!

Around 10ish S showed up like she said she would. The 3 of us went out for a late breakfast and then came back to our house and sat for the next 3 hours and talked! Crazy. It was a nice visit. S was super excited about her trip to Nashville. Which I have to admit brought on a wee bit of jealousy at my lack of roadtrips in the near future. S also spoke of having a house warming when they get back....on mother's day weekend which obviously isn't a wknd I can go - I asked her to pick another wknd but she laughed so I guess I won't be going to that party!

After she left we headed out to do some running around. We ended up at the mall near us and I got cranky due to low blood sugar so we had a snack and carried on. Which reminds me I need to make my way back to the mall to buy part of Keith's b-day present. We left around 7 and called our pizza place to pick up our dinner on the way home.

Saturday I thought would be a quiet day albeit on the boring side but I was ok with that. Keith made other plans for us. He told me to get dressed and we'd head out. I LOVE when he says that! He even drove straight to tim's to get me a coffee so I knew it was going to be a good day. We then drove to Toronto and hit a few flea markets and a few thrift stores. We found some finds which is always fun. We made it home around 8 and made some home made subs for dinner - yum.

Today I dragged my husband to church which I hate doing - dragging that is - but he turned out to be ok with it. The minister was kind of out there but very theatrical which is kind of different. Afterwards we just basically wasted the rest of the day away. I did do 3 loads of laundry so yay. Keith made an amazing roast beef dinner tonight after which we were both in a food coma. I then convinced him to go on a 'stroll' with me cause it was still nice out and I needed to walk after that meal. We took a nice walk and chatted which was...nice. Some times electronics just get in the way...ya know?

Now I am dreading going back into the real world tomorrow - work - even though routine is a very good thing for me. Keith also got a call for a job interview which I have very mixed feelings about. On the one hand - a job - yay! On the other it is a job at a thrift store and I just don't want him getting trapped into a low paying job cause he has so much potential. Plus the selfish part of me enjoys having him home (although we just found out his EI benefits may be a lot less than we anticipated). Also we have a few events coming up which if he gets a job I know he will be working weekends. Obviously if he gets offered the job he will take it. But yah like I said mixed feelings.

8:23 p.m. - 2013-04-14


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