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Better be clean after all these showers

It's a Shower kind of weekend. Baby Shower that is. Yesterday we held T's baby shower - her mom was throwing it and I was 'helping out'. Sort of turns out I did most of it. Her mom picked the date and invited the people. It was okay though I didn't mind and she kept thanking me profusely throughout the whole party and afterwards - pretty cute actually.

Thursday night my mom stayed over and we played Scrabble and watched us some Downton Abbey. We were up super early Friday so we could grab breakfast at the diner before she left for her meetings. Keith and I then did quite a bit running around all before noon which made the rest of the day seem so long! But weekends that run long are fine by me.

I got home after the Shower around 6:30 last night. Thankfully something J (T's hubby) said about the Shower today being 'changed' made me send an email to the hostess letting her know my sil was coming with her 8 month old. Well that little email sent off a flurry of emails, texts and even phone calls! It seems the hostess wasn't pleased with the number of people who responded so she decided to just cancel the baby shower and have a 'party' at a pub instead! Yah um nice of her to inform the guests! So I basically told everyone that my sil would 99% cancel because driving a 5 hour round trip with a wee guy in tow only to sit in a bar with him for a few hours was not something she would be happy about.

So then T got upset that the girls' changed the plans and my sil wouldn't be coming so she told them to go with the original shower. Yah so over an hour of all those dings and rings and the original shower was back on. Stress that I did not need. Keith wasn't too happy either since he had missed me all day and we were supposed to be spending time together and here I was preoccupied with all this mini drama.

Should be interesting to see how today goes! I'm looking forward to seeing my sil and my wee nephew this afternoon!

Alrighty, back to watching my reruns of Gilmore Girls. Then it's shower time (the cleansing one) and then after that it really is Shower time.

11:20 a.m. - 2013-04-21


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