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Humbled by a question...

Well my weekend has officially started, but I figure if I don't write an entry now I just probably won't! I am sitting in our cool cool basement cause it is flippin' hot outside. We need to seriously get our ac checked stat. A whole summer without it is not gonna happen (well unless it's too expensive to fix then c'est la vie).

Anywho what I've been trying to write an entry about the last few days is that one of my best friend's has humbled me. It's T. I can bitch about her to no end - little things that bug me and what not. But the other day she told me that her and J are going to a lawyer to get their Will's done. They have asked if I (and Keith) will be their child's legal guardian if anything were to happen to them. I was sort of blown away. She has a high school friend who is begging to be named the guardian and also family that could do it. To be asked something this serious really just made me feel so humbled. T took to motherhood big time, and I can tell she is in love with her baby girl. To ask me and Keith to do this is huge. I said yes by the way. I didn't even really have to think about it. And just so you know I wouldn't say yes to just any one!

I meant to also update about last weekend - after Keith's b-day din we went a movie then that night I woke up feeling violently ill. Oy vey. I'm guessing all you can eat buffets are no longer for me! I had to actually call in sick on Friday morning which made me mad. Being sick on a Friday is lame unless you are *cough cough* not actually sick and put it to good use! But after eating crackers all morning and watching trash tv I felt better. We left for my brother and sil's that afternoon and promptly got stuck in 401 traffic. We eventually made it there and the rest of the weekend was great.

Saturday Keith and I declined an invite to a bbq (we didn't really know the ppl) plus we had shopping to do to get a few last things for the b-day ppl. We met up with them later that afternoon at the church to watch the kids so they could practice in their church band. That evening we ate the ribs Keith and I had cooked while they were at the bbq - we had to keep interrupting our shopping to check on them. Then we were all zombified cause the kids had worn us out that day - bed by midnight. Sunday Keith and I were instant parents when my brother and sil took our car and went to my dad's first church service to sing. We got to experience wrangling a 9 month old and 3 year old into car seats (not fun!) and before that getting them ready and keeping them entertained. It wasn't too bad though. That afternoon after church we had a b-day party for the May b-day ppl. Lunch was an hour late as we had to wait for my grandma to get there. It was touch and go for a while and everyone was getting worried cause my uncle D took so long picking them up. My uncle J who lives with my gram is notorious for cancelling at all family events so we were sure he had done that but no they showed up. It was great seeing my gram, she looks so fragile. We took a ton of pictures before they left.

We didn't leave til about 6 at which time I noticed my cell phone was missing. Oy. I then remembered the last time I had it was at my brother and sil's so we drove half an hour in the wrong direction and thankfully it was there. Oh technology.

A'ight my stomach is growling time to go get my eat on. We're having pork taco's for dinner and oh my goodness are they delicious.

5:23 p.m. - 2013-05-30


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