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the rest of the weekend

Another (long) weekend bites the dust. This one will not go down in the books as being spectacular thatís for sure. Oh itís not that I didnít have a good weekend itís just that the weather wasnít playing nice. Friday there were localized floods in the area. Saturday it was overcast and threatening rain all day. Keith and I headed to Toronto and went to ribfest where suddenly the clouds parted and the sun came out in full force and proceeded to burn my neck and shoulders because I wasnít wearing sunscreen. Hmph. We almost didnít go to ribfest because they took away half the parking this year and it was impossible to find a spot. I finally convinced Keith to park in a do not park spot because it was in a private lot and otherís were doing it. It turned out fine thank goodness. We had some good eats then proceeded to a mall nearby that has a flea market underneath it. Then we were both wiped and were sitting in the car when we realized we were close to our favourite thrift stores. We drove over and shopped and browsed longer than we should have. We made it to Sís place and decided to go for a quick swim in their HUGE pool. The dip turned out to be much longer than just a quick one but thatís what happens in an awesome huge pool with no other people around. The no other people was a miracle cause the pool is shared by like 3 sky scraper apartment buildings.

After our (not so quick) swim and a quick change we hopped on the subway then street car to the EX where we learned that most of the food vendors had shut down for the night Ė it was 9pm. We finally found one that specialized in bacon (yum) so we still had a tasty albeit not so healthy meal. Fireworks were later than planned but did happen thanks to no rain and they were spectacular.

Oh funny story! As we walked from the streetcar to the EX a few security guards would point us in the general direction. The last security guard we saw was Sís ex. Yup her ex husband!!! S asked if this is where the event was Ė he said yes and we walked on. I sort of half waved to him cause it was all kinds of awkward. S and I go into the bathroom and only then do I say something. I think I said ďwell that was weirdĒ. S looked at me like I had two heads. I then said um seeing your ex! She was like really? When? The girl effin didnít even notice him. Even Singer her current guy asked if that was her ex. All 3 of us me, Singer and Keith noticed him and the woman who was with him for SIXTEEN years didnít!! Effed up I tell you. Either that or S is one hell of an actress! (And yes she was sober)

After fireworks we made our way to the bus area and caught it with time to spare and then took the subway back to their place. I wonder if I would ever get used to the transit system if I lived there, it seems so complicated. Once back at their apartment we played a game until about 2am when I was d.o.n.e and then we went to sleep. Sunday morning we were all up around 10 and S made us an omelette (mostly onion so not that great) and then after another swim we all got ready and went our separate ways Ė S and Singer to the Pride parade and K and I went home with a few stops along the way to some of our favourite stores. I know it sounds like we shop a lot but weíre more lookers than buyers except for the DQ ice cream bank that was too awesome to pass up! We eventually made it home around 5-ish. Funny enough we did something we rarely do, we got undressedÖÖand took a nap! For almost an hour and a half! It was wonderful!

Monday we wanted to go to the beach but the flippin weather conspired against us. I thought I would sit outside and enjoy what little sun they promised but that never even came to fruition! But we did manage to go fishing late in the afternoon. Right as Keith began to pack up our stuff I caught a wee little fish which he threw back in for me (I donít touch them) then I threw my line back in and within 30 seconds caught a real (ie big) fish!! My first. We threw him back in too cause he was on the wee side to justify eating him or whatever Keith said I was just happy to put him back unharmed. I am not a very good fishing woman let me tell ya.

Tomorrow is d day for Keith - time for him to go under the knife one more time to get his knee fixed!

8:35 p.m. - 2013-07-02


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