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Deep breaths......reeeelax

I awoke at 3am from a dream that disturbed me so much that I had to get up and check that the doors were locked in the house. This dream was more like a movie that I just happened to be in as I really didnít know anyone (except my mom might have been in it). I was in a house where it was full of cameras and there was a crazy man with a gun that was shooting people in the house. He wasnít after me but I knew he would shoot me without blinking twice. The room I was in had no cameras but it was also way up thus no way out. So I began to write notes on paper begging people to call the Police and throwing them out the window. There was just such an air of desperation in my dream that when I woke up (after the police did come!) that I was left unsettled and could not fall back to sleep for quite a while. Itís been a while since Iíve had a dream that kept me awake. Thus I have a huge headache today that I canít shake.

So Keithís friend never did show. Heís not upset. Heís just like ďwell thatís DaveĒ. Man I wish I had that kind of attitude. Iím pissed and heís not even my friend. But I guess if you donít nail down times and oh DATES then I guess you canít be too upset. Keith is probably like me Ė you kind of dread having people over (even your friends) but then when it happens itís Great and you are glad you had them over. Same as going out Ė at least for me.


I think my blood pressure just dropped many points Ė which is a good thing Ė I just got back from my doctorís appointment and man while I was there I had to take repeated blood pressure readings cause I was high (the blood pressure not me!). I knew it would be high cause Iíve been anxious all morning which is really really stupid cause there is nothing to worry about Ė I mean besides the issues I already have. I guess I just get myself worked up about going. I try deep breathing exercises while the machine is running but then I start to worry about lowering it and BOOM it goes up. I should just read an article from a magazine normally that works. Next time.

4 more sleeps to vacation! There's so many small things to remember. I have a feeling I am gonna be stressing Thursday night as I try and pack the car.

Alright gotta go and get the garbage and recycling ready to go out - I have to go to bed early so I can get up earlier and go do some blood work before work. On the upside there is a tim's right beside the clinic I'm going to! Silver lining!

8:53 p.m. - 2013-07-08


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