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Finally! 2014!

Okay so 2014 didn't start off with me winning the lotto so now my faith is a bit shaken to how this year will fare. I jest. Although no lottery was won I did bring in 2014 with loved ones and a few glasses of what-have-you.

I got off work at 3pm NYE and the weather was horrible - it had just started to snow and the roads were slushy and traffic was horrible. We packed the car up, made a few stops and began our journey. Surprisingly the further along we went the clearer the roads became and soon there was barely any traffic! This lasted til about 7 when traffic picked up again due to people going out and about to their parties but we were almost at our destination so that was okay.

We had a wonderful evening with my bro and sil and then proceeded to stay for 4 days! We were going to leave on Friday for home but my sil asked if we could stay as she was off work that day and wanted to go to the movies with just, her, me and D. How could I resist? We saw the movie Frozen in 3D. D didn't like keeping his glasses on and was a bit restless at one point - he crawled over his mom to sit on my lap so I watched half the movie with a huge noggin in front of me - but I loved it. We even got pictures from one of those photo booths on the way out so I have a momento of the day.

We left on Saturday at 10 with a plan to stop by to say a quick hello to my parents who had just got home the night before from NS. 3 hours later we were back on the road! My mom seemed to be doing better. Whatever she had has taken it's toll on her. She had tired eyes which she never has. I told her that she and dad have to learn to say NO more often. If only they would listen to their daughter!

Today was the first day back at work. I was up early as they were predicting a large snowfall and that prediction did not disappoint. I had to wake Keith up to help shovel. I had concerns about getting off our road in my little car. But I somehow managed to slip and slide my way onto the main road. My parking lot was not plowed and that led to a whole other set of problems and I ended up parking oddly as it was the only semi uncovered spot. I went over at lunch to check on my car and found a dozen more vehicles parked just as haphazard as mine!

Keith made a huge pot of chili last night for dinner - unfortunately he put so much chili spice in it that after eating a bowl of it last night - and literally crying due to the heat we will have toss the lot. It was even too hot for Keith which boggled my mind.

Alright time to go chillax. Tomorrow is going to be a bone chilling day - record setting temps - not in a good way.

Alright 2014 let's bring it....the goodness I mean.

7:48 p.m. - 2014-01-06


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