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The kiss off.....or not.

Did writing about my walking buddy and his crush jinx things? Apparently so. Today he made 'the move'. We walked our 70 minutes (ouch) and he talked and talked about who knows what - looking back he did seem more rambly than usual. Then I ended the walking (it's always me who puts the kibosh on it) and we left. He followed me to my car where he began to just stare at me and things got uncomfortable. He asked me if I was happily married to which I readily replied YES. Then he said how much he would like to kiss me. Ugh. NOOOOOOOOO!

I'm not gonna lie I kind of new this would come and thought about what I would say to him but I did think it would be a while yet. I laughed softly as if he was joking and said how we were just walking buddies and nothing more. I then tried to move the subject to his going away this weekend and asked if he was going alone and he said yes cause his WIFE is in Florida. Okay so she's alive and they are together. Dude seriously! Then he stared at me intently for a bit longer before I said I had to go and told him I'd see him in a week (after his trip up North) and to have some good stories when he gets back.

Then he asks me to have coffee tomorrow! Um no. Luckily I had a built in excuse but I still would have said no if I didn't. I hope he rethinks this while he's away and comes back with a different attitude. I will take a hard line if I have to. No affairs for this gal! He's away all next week so I will have some good ol' solo walking with my music!

So my secret meeting with K's mom is cancelled for tomorrow. His sister is in labour right now!! Baby trumps secret birthday planning meeting! I'm a-ok with this. Truthfully I wasn't keen on heading there after a facial and being worried about running late etc. Now I can go to my facial and the rest of the day be a 'me' day.

I plan on getting up at 7:30 with Keith and leave at 8 to go walking at the track (solo! cause my 'walking buddy' doesn't do mornings). Then I will whip home and shower before running out to my appointment. Dedicated aren't I? If I succeed that will be 5 days I've walked this week. And 4 of those days were at 70 minutes or more!

Yah I'm sore.

7:53 p.m. - 2014-03-20


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