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Monday's Entry:

I’m trying not to let the thought of a 5 day work week trip me up. I have a lot to look forward to at the END of the week. It’s not only a 3 day weekend but for me it’s the start of a week of vacation. Speaking of which I am struggling with the idea of seeing my friend S this coming weekend Sunday/Monday. She had text me and suggested her and the Singer stop by for a visit on their way back from a gig. I apparently cherish my vacation days more than I thought and am reluctant to share them this time! I guess I also worry that she will find out I’m on vacay and suggest hanging out or extend their visit which I know is quite selfish of me. But I just want this upcoming week off to be one of relaxing and being selfish. I have plans to visit different walking paths in the area and walk for an hour or two then relax with a book and a coffee before wandering back home and most likely greeting my husband whose hours are so varied I cannot keep track of them.

Alright let’s talk about the weekend that was shall we? Friday was super busy what with painting the final coat on our bedroom AND finding and pricing stuff for Saturday’s yard sale. Yah we had an impromptu yard sale thanks to neighbours that were having one and encouraging others to do so as well. Keith had to go to bed at 8pm to be up for 2am – yuck. I went to bed at 11 to be up for 7am – yuck again. I got up and lugged everything out onto our driveway and noticed that we have a HUGE driveway compared to the paltry amount of stuff I was putting out! Nonetheless the show had to go on! I had 2 men show up before I was done putting everything out and 1 of them bought the 2 big ticket items I had out – 2 mandolins and 2 old cameras. I got $100 for both which made me want to pack up and go back to bed! The next 5 hours were spent drinking cup after cup of coffee and watching people drive by slowly and not bothering to get out of their car or quickly run out, scan my items and jump back in without a ‘how do you do’. Ah well I made someone’s day with a handful of arabesque music cd’s that I got from someone years ago and had always meant to donate – he bought them for $5 and was so very very happy with his purchase. That was probably my favourite sale of the day.

Keith got home about 11 and sat out with me for the last hour. We then closed shop at noon and took everything back in (nice to have help this time) and then showered and got ready to go out to meet C and her hubby at ribfest at which time we were both starving so it worked out great. After eating our fill of all sorts of food including but not limited to fresh cut fries, ribs and ice cream we headed outside the gates and let the men stroll and look at the classic cars while C and I sat on the green gas and chatted. This also had to be one of my favourite times going. It’s nice going with a group but normally we all stand around after eating and end up quickly walking and looking at the expensive booths and then everyone heads home. We should do this more often – sit and talk and relax.

Then it was home time with a quick stop at the bread truck for Keith to fiddle with tools etc then too soon it was time to head out for a night of drinking with Keith’s mom and sisters! I stopped and picked up T along the way and we got to the Farm where the girls were well into their cups and having a blast! T and I quickly caught up and before I knew it T was nudging me that she needed to sleep and I realized it was 5am (oops). Most of us made our way to bed – T and I slept in a double bed. I worried I would have the spinny’s or wake up with an upset stomach but after 5 hours sleep I woke up feeling…..fine. Not even tired. Weird. I drank vodka all night with diet cran/cherry which maybe helped (way less sugar). Regardless I was very thankful for waking up feeling ok. Ironically we all had to leave at the same time so we quietly said our goodbye’s and made our way home.

And that was my weekend! Productive, made some money and fun!

Now I am trying to convince my husband that we need to buy a new bed. We have numerous problems with our bed and the end result is that we end up sleeping separately a lot of the time. I told him for the sake of our marriage we need a new bed! It would also be great if we could get one now when the room is pretty much empty. We have money in our savings but we had bookmarked it for a new couch – if we play our cards right (SALES) we could hopefully do both. It’s just bad timing though cause Keith is gonna be working 14 hour days the next couple days and he will be tired and cranky and not really in the mood to talk about this let alone shop on Wednesday like I have planned! Wednesday is his day off. Fingers crossed I can pull this off!

Oh the money I made from the garage sale I put in a jar earmarked for our Anniversary in October. I figure whatever we do will probably involve a night away (my hope) and a nice dinner out.


So going to look for a bed on Wednesday is not going to happen. Why? Cause we went tonight and not only looked but bought one!! A king size super comfy bed. We even bought new sheets. More than I wanted to spend but realistic and warranties out the wazoo. The only downside is it can't be delivered til Sept 11th. Ah well I'll look at is as an early b-day present!

Okay I am posting this and going to bed, last 2 nights I've stayed up reading way to late and thus waking up feeling way to tired. Time to rectify that tonight!

9:32 p.m. - 2014-08-26


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