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Ho Ho Hold on just a moment!

Wow I guess I just thought about writing an entry and didn't actually get any words down - my bad. It's been a while.

One week til Christmas. One week. I am freaking out. Now by freaking out I mean vibrating with excitement! I am in my element. I love the hundreds of lists I have made and am still making. The gifts that I have bought and the ones that I am still ruminating about. We got our tree last week - not from our tree guy he moved - but from a big box store. We are quite pleased with it though. I decorated the heck out of the tree and our living room. As Keith put it 'Christmas exploded in our living room'. I just love taking everything out of the totes and going down memory lane.

I am off work tomorrow which I am SO happy about. I took a vacation day. Most of my team is off next week so tomorrow they are going to be off the chart excited and making 'cutesy' little comments about how it's too bad I will have to work next week. I don't even mind that I'm working I just don't want to be around the excitement of those who aren't!

Tomorrow I will start my day off with a visit to my doctor (boo) not looking forward to that visit. Then I will hopefully go walking at the track after that followed by a massage. Then a few hours after that I will meet T and C for our annual Christmas dinner. I am hoping to get in some Christmas shopping of odds and ends - not to mention Keith's presents. We'll see how the day ends up going. Saturday we are supposed to go to a housewarming S is having. It's tentative right now. I do hope we go but as usual when I am tired the last thing I look forward to is going away and doing stuff! Maybe after a good night's sleep I'll feel differently.

So tonight at the track really made me wish I had a different personality. I am quiet. I am shy. I am not outgoing. I am getting better the older I get about not being so quiet. But I don't say boo when people annoy me when I am out in public. I will bitch about it non-stop afterwards but that's about it. Tonight at the track there were about 2 to 10 of us at any given time on the track walking. Near the end of my walk this one jerk is walking in the opposite direction. I passed him once and he smiled and continued on. The second lap I took out my earbuds and worked up the courage to ask/tell him we are supposed to all walk in the same direction. He smiled and basically fluffed me off. I. Was. Pissed. I had walked for 45 minutes at that point and I had enough. I walked to my coat and shoes, changed and walked out. I made sure to make sure my face showed my displeasure in his arrogance and inconsideration. Sometimes I tend to smile and just pretend things don't bother me. Not tonight. He knew I was pissed. I even got online and wrote the track an email. Now I know there's nothing they can really do but I asked them to let me know who to contact AT the track when there is an issue. There have been times when teams or kids are unruly or just plain sit on the track I would love to be able to find an authority figure to set them straight. I then had to vent on FB as well. It's not often I vent on fb but it was just one of those nights. I loved that a few people responded right away and were concerned for me. It made the stressors of the night melt away.

Now I am ready to end this post and head to bed. I got a lot to do tomorrow. After all - it's only 1 week til Christmas!

10:23 p.m. - 2014-12-18


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