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Reflections and Resolutions

(Yay Dland is 'mostly' up and running - glad they finally addressed the issues in the News Section. Although I tried to leave some of my dland peeps a Happy New Years message and was unable to do so - so Happy New Years everyone!)


I’ve been reflecting on this past Christmas. I received some really thoughtful gifts and even though my family has a cap on how much we can spend the gifts are still quality and thought out (ie not dollar store crap bought at the last minute). Hey I’m not saying you can’t buy gifts at the last minute or even at the $ store but try and put thought into them okay? It was hard to do but I narrowed down 2 gifts this Christmas that meant a lot.

First was a gift my parents gave me and my two brothers. It was a frame and inside were 3 paragraphs…the first one started out:

“To our eldest child you were loved the most because…..”

The second paragraph started out: “To our middle child you were loved the most because…..”

And you can guess how the third paragraph started. Each paragraph went on to explain why we were so special and why we were loved the most. It was quite touching and at my parents request we all had to read our paragraph out loud to the immediate family. I don’t know how but somehow I held it together without crying. It was a beautiful present that I could never put a price on.

The second gift was from Keith. He was very thoughtful in all his gifts which I am sad to say I don’t feel the same was reciprocated by myself. He is so hard to buy for and I kept putting him off and I just don’t feel he got the same thoughtfulness as he put into mine. Although to be fair I am pretty easy to buy for. I like gadgets and gizmos and shiny objects and I see things all the time that I want. But still he paid attention and even went out on a limb for a few things and still hit a home run. But the best one from him was a beautiful necklace that I said thank you and went to put off to the side to continue opening gifts except when I looked at his face I realized it was more than a trinket or a costume piece I would buy for myself. It is silver and looks almost like a tear drop with a floating diamond in it. The diamond moves and sparkles away. Diamond.

Later when I had a chance to quiz him I found out that this necklace is the most expensive piece of jewellery I now own. When I asked him why he would go over our budget for each other he told me that he bought it for me because we have had a tough year and I have had to put up with a lot and he wanted to give me something special. This left me speechless. My husband doesn’t talk like this. Ever. It wasn’t the amount he spent on this piece of jewellery it was the thought and purpose behind it that meant so much. The fact that is sparkles and makes me feel pretty is a huge bonus!


So Resolutions. Every year my view on resolutions is becoming dimmer and dimmer. After 40 years it is starting to lose its sparkle. But I don’t want to become totally jaded about this. I do believe that January and resolutions serves a purpose. It is like a new sheet of paper. Fresh fallen snow that is untouched by human or animal. It is a new beginning. It is a way for us to say yesterday is behind us. The mistakes we made are in the past – starting NOW I will do things differently and this is how!

Hm I guess I'm not as jaded as I thought. But in reflecting on this I have decided I can't just make blanket statements about 'losing weight' or 'getting healthy'. Instead I have to make a plan on how I am going to do this and 'those' will be my goals.


I have to admit I wrote the above a day or so ago and since then have not had a chance to do any more 'reflecting'. I have a feeling tomorrow while I am at work I will have this chance!

New Years eve I worked til 3pm and then came home and tried to nap for a bit as I felt a cold coming on. I slept for half an hour but that's about it. We packed the car full of booze and cooked ducks (Keith slaved over them) and headed out to T's.

We had a crazy few hours as their little one is almost 2 so into Everything and does not sit still for longer than 10 seconds. In hindsight we probably should have put off dinner until the kid was in bed but instead we rushed din and didn't have the elegant dining experience we had hoped (plus forgot to drink the wine T had chosen to go with the meal). Ah well. The rest of the evening went by in a blur and before I knew it we were desperately trying to find the Ontario countdown as we realized we were on a BC channel and their New Year wasn't for another hour - oops! We had less than 2 minutes to find it and before I knew it we were counting down the last 10 seconds and whisper-screaming Happy New Years as we weren't allowed to wake the kid (we did but she fell back to sleep minutes later). Keith went to bed soon after and T's guy soon followed. T and I stayed up another hour or so just chatting until I felt like my eyelids were being pulled down by the sandman himself.

After 6 rough hours of sleep I was up due to a dog jumping on my bed but luckily I felt fine except for a bit of a headache (due to lack of sleep I am sure). T was the only one to really feel rough but she out drank us all.

We spent the rest of the morning there but left around noon to come home and do absolutely nothing! It was great. I showered and got back into jammies and just chillaxed between tv and reading. I am so going to bed early tonight! I sound stuffed up but feel surprisingly good so I hope I can help sleep this cold or whatever it is out of my system.

The one thought to get me through my workday tomorrow - At least it's Friday!!!!

7:17 p.m. - 2015-01-01


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