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Sinkin' fast

Effin d'land - seriously! I just thought I'd check to see if my notes are working and guess what - they're not! I was also checking out diaryland rings cause it's been a while and surprise surprise those aren't working either! This place is going downhill. I'm thinking I better back up my entries and be prepared for the sinking of the ship. Still pisses me off though.

So hitchhike if you are still reading this and I know you can't comment can you send me a link via email? I basically only use this email addy for d-land so putting it out there isn't such a big deal. It's (deleted now) Thanks!

So what's been going on with me? I broke down and went walking this week (I NEED exercise) and could not put any weight on my foot the next morning. So then I broke down again and made a doctor's appointment. I will give him the satisfaction of diagnosing my foot problem (plantar fasciitis) and then when I see him in a month or so for my diabetes appointment he won't be shocked that my weight has definitely not gone down and I pray hasn't gone up that much!

I did go swimming with T last night - our first time in over a year or more! We talked about it at the beginning of the week and then made it happen. We didn't get a lot of yakking time in cause T was late - she tried to give blood - her first time. Didn't go so well. Ah well next week we will do better.

We also decided not to take C to the restaurant we had chosen for her birthday. It's a sushi place. Keith and I went this week to the restaurant and they have changed how they deliver the food - it was more buffet style when we went the first time now you order off an ipad - it's really cool - but it's more sushi oriented and we just know C will hate it. She doesn't like going out of her comfort zone. So we made a plan b.

So this weekend not much is on going on which I'm fine with. Last weekend we were away celebrating 2 of my nephews birthdays. It was a fun time but busy. I forgot my jacket when we left. Yah my jacket. I don't like to drive with it on so that's how that happened. A friend who lives in Toronto took it for me and when he and his wife come this way they will drop by our house and drop it off. Which means on the weekends I have to keep the house spruced up. I think you may have guessed by now that Keith and I are not what is known as neat freaks. We like clean houses we just don't like actually maintaining them. Although our basement has stayed quite clean from when we got the new couch delivered. We can do it if we make the effort.

Tomorrow I plan on whipping the main floor into shape. I'm definitely not going out so I might as well be productive! Why aren't I going out - cause it's another deep freeze. Tuesday/Wednesday was actually decent temps in which I actually went out and washed my car as my green car was white from all the road salt. For one day it was a nice clean car. Ah well good til it lasted.

I almost went walking tonight cause I'm a rebel that way and don't learn from my mistakes. Only the freezing cold made me hide under the blankets on the couch instead.

Alright time to go write an email to the dland people. Get the lifeboats ready...

7:25 p.m. - 2015-01-30


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