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C's birthday & foot stuff

I wrote this on Thursday but couldn't get dland up the last few days for some reason:

When is it a cry for help? I have for some time written to-do lists for myself. I have written things on sticky note pads and I have even resorted to emailing myself at my personal email to ‘remind’ myself to do something. It’s a sickness I tell ya. That or a very very bad memory. You choose.

My foot is sore! Yes I am happy about that. I took a 20-30 minute walk at lunch time –yes it was freezing but the sun was shining and the wind only froze my face – the rest of my body was fine – I was actually a little sweaty near the end. I went around a huge city block 3 times and it felt great to get out there and move this ol’ bod!

As for my foot I know in my head it’s effed but I hate the thought of jauntily walking in to my doctor’s tomorrow and pointing at my foot saying ‘it hurts….just not right now!’. So I walked to prove to myself yes it is still bad – yes I can pinpoint the exact pain and show him where it hurts! I did read somewhere that at some places they aggravate your injury in order to figure out what’s wrong with you so really I’m just ahead of the game!

****end of Thursday entry****

So my doctor's appointment. It was quite the joke. I didn't even have to take off my boot I just told him the symptoms and pointed to where my foot roughly hurts and he said yup plantar fasciitis and gave me a pamphlet! He also suggested I look into orthotics if I have benefits (I do). Oh and since the appointment was going so swimmingly I asked him to look at my other foot - well the toe - cause it has some discoloration. Basically he said if it bugs me to just wear toenail polish to cover it up! Or you know....see a dermatologist. So yah he wins doctor of the year award for sure.

My weekend has been pretty low key which as you know during this cold crappy winter I am fine with. Friday after my doctor's appointment I went and visited my favourite thrift store - spent $10 on a spring jacket and a couple other small items. Then I decided to go visit T at her store and brought her a coffee. I hung out for an hour and we finally finalized b-day dinner plans for C. We were all over the map of where we wanted to take her for dinner. We finally chose a fancy restaurant Wild craft. T called and made reservations then I left her place of business after buying a birthday card for my sil and then I headed home - had a spot of lunch - and then headed out again for a bit - bought another pair of winter boots. Finally brought my boy home pizza and had dinner together and then just relaxed the rest of the night.

Saturday I did a whole bunch of nothing - oh wait I painted my fingernails while watching more Gilmore Girls before finally getting ready to go out for C's dinner. Her and I were meeting early at 5ish at Chapters. I purposely left early and got there at 4:45. As I sat in the parking lot getting ready to get out of my car guess who text me she was there also! What a girl she always has to be super early. We walked around the store for about an hour and then I drove her to the restaurant which was across the street but I took a long circular route just to throw her off. It didn't work but it made me laugh. We had a good dinner - the food was ok the company was better. Afterwards we left and were going to go shopping but then realized the mall was already closed! C decided she was good with just dinner and headed home. T was enjoying being child free and was going to go into Chapters so I joined her and again spent another hour in the store but at least I found a V-day gift for Keith so that was cool.

Today was an uber lazy day. My husband made us breakfast - waffles and bacon. I only went out once today briefly to check something on my car and then popped out for a coffee and a hot chocolate for the hubs. I spent the afternoon reading a book and enjoyed the laziness of a Sunday afternoon.

And now the Grammy's are on and I am torn with watching them and going back to my book! Wow my pvr shows it's on til 11:30 okay I better be sleeping by then so I guess I'll watch for a little bit and find out who won everything on the news tomorrow!

7:43 p.m. - 2015-02-08


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