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Tuesday's musings:

I think I was a bitchy friend. I mean personally I don’t think so but I’m also pretty biased. Let me write it out. T and I try and go swimming once a week to catch up and get some exercise. This week she told me she can’t make Thursday as her hubby is going to a focus group in order to make money. So I sent her an email yesterday morning with different aqua classes for Wednesday evening. She then emails me last night saying Thursday still works she will just bring her 2 year old and they will play in the splash pool while I swim laps then they will leave and I can stay for the aqua class. I immediately hit reply and told her no. In nicer terms. I said the point of swimming was hanging out with her and not by myself. Then I told her we should skip this week. I am off Thursday and will go to a class at a pool near me and not to worry about it. I guess that is where I came off bitchy. She replied this morning and said Wednesday was fine but now Thursday also works again cause her hubby cancelled the focus group for one reason or another. Then I went a step further and reiterated cancelling swimming this week. So far I haven’t hear from her.

I am all for cancelling as I am no longer in the mood to socialize. “Girl” issues along with dealing with some financial stress with the hubby. We have to come up with an action plan and it just sucks. We were just getting back on our feet again and getting into a groove where we would be out of our current debt situation in probably another year and a half. But now that plan is being kiboshed and we may be back at square one again. I’m being ambiguous cause even I don’t need to air all my dirty laundry on the internet.

I knew I should have written an entry yesterday. Sure I was cranky cause it was Monday but today I am feeling raw and beaten down and I hate that feeling. I know we will get through it. We always do. We buckle down and deal with it.

No wonder Keith thinks his shingles might be coming back the poor guy stresses himself out. I’m not doing much better. I’m dealing with plantar fasciitis and now my right thumb is painful. Oh and not to mention my ever tiring low iron. I have just enough energy to feel crappy. Sorry. Pity party for one?

I did go and talk to my pharmacist about my iron and showed him the pills I was taking and he was puzzled at one of the ingredients which makes you worry a little. I did switch to stronger pills that he recommended and in which he knew all the ingredients! I’ve only been on them 4 days so no I haven’t noticed a difference yet.

I had a pretty good weekend over all. Friday I spent all morning cleaning the house which is as fun as it sounds. Friday evening S and her guy arrived later than expected as I found out later they were dropping off EP’s along the way. He made a new album. I won’t give my opinion. We went to bed about 1ish but I stayed up til 2 so I wouldn’t disrupt my hubby on his last half hour of sleep by climbing in and tossing and turning. Saturday S, W and I went to the maple syrup festival. It was a lot colder than we expected -16 with the windchill and none of us were dressed for that kind of weather. It was also extremely busy. We had some eats, barely looked around at the tents and then left. I would have liked to look around more but they were done. We then drove to T’s store and visited with her for a while before heading out making a few stops along the way before getting home to Keith. That evening T and her hubby along with her daughter came over and it was a mini party which was pretty fun. T brought me a bottle of red wine as I told her red wine apparently is good for iron. Probably not a bottle of it which is pretty much what I drank. At least I found a red I like! They left around 9 and the rest of us only made it til 11 or so before we called it a night.

Sunday Keith made us all a huge breakfast and then S and W hit the road around noon.

I then went on my stupid mission to find shoes that fit my orthotics. Ha! I was out for almost 3 hours and no luck. It was quite depressing. I am now thinking I will be going back to the first place as after all my shopping and internet searching the expensive shoes for $90 that I refused to look at now seem like the best price and the brands are ones that I’ve read are recommended. I had budgeted $100 but I really didn’t want to spend that much now it looks like I won’t have a choice. Stupid orthotics!

Wednesday Update:

Swimming was cancelled this week. I plan on going tomorrow at lunch to a different aqua class at a pool near me.

Today is my Friday - huge smiley face!

I called my mom tonight. It's now my Wednesday ritual and now knowing how much it means to my mom it makes me feel a bit guilty for going almost a month without talking sometimes. Now we chat for 20 to 30 minutes about little stuff but realizing how happy it makes her (and me too - it's not a chore) makes me smile and glad that I started doing this over a month ago. Life's too short not to call and talk to your loved ones.

Yesterday on my walk at lunch I was obviously feeling a bit down and as I got close to my office I saw a little bit of writing on a wall that made me peer closer - Have Hope. 2 simple words that nearly brought tears to my eyes. The way I was feeling those 2 words meant a lot. Sometimes graffiti isn't such a bad thing.

8:03 p.m. - 2015-04-01


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