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Tuesday (I never post when I write anymore):

Even pseudo Monday’s aren’t all that great. I called in sick to work yesterday so today is technically my Monday. I was very nearly late(r) than usual due to gd construction (it is running rampant in our city and will be for several months). But it seriously feels like they are thwarting any and all attempts to get to the downtown core where I work. I went out at lunch for a much needed coffee and the traffic coming back was brutal then by the time I parked the sky opened up and rain poured down from above. I sat in my car to wait it out as I did not bring my umbrella – said umbrella was sitting at my desk as I had decided I didn’t need it for the short time I would be out. Haha. Finally I decided to look in my trunk and lo and behold I found my back up umbrella that I normally keep at my desk.

So it just goes to show fake Monday’s can be just as bad as the real ones.

My weekend was pretty good. I had a great start on Friday. I had a massage first thing in the morning and then debated whether to go swimming at an aqua class but decided instead to take a walk outside as the weather was gorgeous. Hot even! So I walked and then came back and showered and then sat outside with my book for an hour before I had to go and meet C and T.

We took T to a sushi buffet and her and I loved it. C not so much. After din we decided to go to the thrift store nearby and C tapped out as she’s not much into them. T and I had a grand time and goofed around for a while before they closed for the night. We went back to my place and chatted while having a few drinks. Hours passed and before I knew it it was after midnight and it looked like the bar wasn’t happening. Then we decided to hell with it, you only live once, so in 10 minutes we got changed, threw on makeup and called a cab and had it arrive and were on our way to the country bar. I only dance country.

When we got there the doors were locked. The police were outside arresting people. We banged on the doors and finally a bouncer answered and let us in as I guess we looked pretty harmless. The place was dead but that made no difference to us. We had a few more drinks and danced for the next hour and a half.

We made it back safely in another cab and then it was a comedy trying to get T to bed as the girl had had a few too many – I did too – but she had also taken cold medication – not a good mix. She was a little unwell outside on my deck which I was just thankful a) I was too tipsy to not get grossed out and b) she wasn’t inside on my newly made up spare bed. Finally we made our way inside and I basically shoved her in her bed and wrestled pants on her and shut the door. The room was then spinning for me so then I lay down on the sofa to let it pass and that’s where Keith found me and dragged me off to bed. So all in all a pretty fun night. A night that I can’t do too many of anymore which I’m okay with.

Saturday morning was a write off. Obviously. Saturday afternoon the hubs and I managed to take a walk in some nearby woods before getting some crap food for din (perfect hangover food).

Sunday I was much more productive but it was much colder out again. I even managed to work out on the elliptical that evening and get to bed at a decent time. Too bad my body then decided to become upset with me and I was up for a few hours with an upset stomach. We’re thinking it might be due to my food handling of dinner since I played chef that night. I woke up Monday and knew due to the throbbing in my head I was not going to work. I called in. Looked at the rain teeming down and went back to bed.


So today was going great right up til the end of the day when a co-worker came over and told me about our other co-worker submitting her flex plan. This flex plan will be approved as she has 26 years seniority and it basically guarantees I won't get my Friday's off anymore. I am not angry I am more hurt than anything else. I thought we were friends and this woman isn't dumb so she has to know what this means for my flex outlook. It I should point out that there was a way all 4 of us on our team could potentially have our guaranteed flex plans and 3 of us were on board. Looks like just the gal with 15 years under her belt is gonna get shafted.

Tomorrow I plan on bringing it up to her just to see if she realized how much this affects me. I'm not confrontational so it won't be along those lines. I just need her to know that due to her actions I am being affected. I have to say something though. I'm glad I have a night to just let me dwell on the hurt of it though. I need time to process. I will eventually get myself to the point of it is what it is and just deal with it. If there's something you can't change you have to go with it and adapt. And on that note I am off to fill my head with useless tv and watch big bro Canada.

9:00 p.m. - 2015-04-22


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