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Busy work week. I gotta say I love busy work weeks. Time flies. The mornings are great because the phones are less busy and I can listen to my music while I work. My online music station groove shark pulled the plug so I've been forced to find another one. I like the fact I can make my own music list and save it. I got music from the 60's to today's top hits. It's great - whatever song pops into my head I add it. Technology is gr8.

I am in a much better mood this week - thank goodness. Tonight's the first night I haven't done the elliptical all week. I went to the mall after dinner (I hate the mall) then I stopped and washed my car on the way home. Once home I spoke to my neighbours for a bit (I had finally given them a gift card for thanking them for snow blowing us out all these years). After that convo I called my younger brother and spoke to him for a bit. My family is awesome cause no one ever knows what's going on. This is probably why I make so many lists and sometimes make lists of how I want my day to go cause my family can be so scattered.

It's been damn hot the last couple days here. I'm having issues finding shoes that I will wear but I've just noticed today that my feet are so much better. Although once I put my shoes with the orthotics I can literally hear my feet sigh in contentment. I wasn't wearing them when I did my elliptical but then smartened up and started wearing the correct shoes. I don't want to have a set back.

Tomorrow we leave to visit the fam. Our visits are so short these days due to Keith having to work Saturday's but I should just be thankful we can still go at all.

My mom and I finally chose a date to get together and hang out. This weekend I plan on steering her towards coming up with an agenda. I'm fine with just a rough outline.

Alright it's bedtime. I want to get up at a decent time tomorrow I have a bunch of stuff I want/need to get done before we leave.

10:47 p.m. - 2015-05-08


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