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A good friend knows all your stories, A best friend has lived them with you

This past weekend was probably one of the best weekends of the summer. S and I had our annual girls weekend. I made a scrap book of sorts hi-lighting all our girls trips - starting from 2006. Besides bringing back all the good memories it made me realize how lucky I am to have S in my life. There was a time where I took our friendship for granted. I looked at our weekends away as just another trip. I wasn't looking at it as what it was - an awesome time with my best friend from highschool. We've been through a lot and even though we have followed different paths and if you took a step back and looked at the two of us it seems as if we have nothing in common - we do - each other. We love hanging out. We talk non stop. We laugh at everything. We love doing crazy wacky things like driving out of our way to stop at some bronze elephant statues and getting out and taking dozens of pictures with them. We just always seem to be in sync. I make a lot of concessions with other friends when I hang out with them but with S we just seem to be of one mind. I don't know why I suddenly had this epiphany after all this time - maybe it's because it's about time I truly appreciate one of my oldest and dearest friend's for the awesome person she is.

We had a great weekend despite the glitch Friday night. After a great dinner of fajitas made by S we sat and chatted for a few hours while sipping away on some skinny bitches (drinks that is). Then we got dolled up and shoved our feet into cowboy boots and began the long walk down the hill to go the country bar. We arrived to find it...shut down. After that lovely surprise we laughed it off and continued walking until we found a pub with an outside patio where we snagged the last table and had a couple drinks and cooled off in the lovely evening breeze. After an hour or so we decided to head back to her place - up hill - but thankfully the walk wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (thank you mr elliptical). It was midnight when we got home and another hour passed before we decided sleep would be good if we wanted to make the most of Saturday.

After a great night sleep despite a leaking air mattress (guess I was tired) we left to do some in city thrift store treasure hunting and S hit the jackpot at the first one and bought a zillion skirts and a bunch of x-mas stuff. I found a couple items but was more into helping her find stuff. By the time lunch rolled around we hadn't left town yet so we headed back to her place to drop off our haul and eat leftovers for lunch and then jumped back into the car to finally head to our destination. I offered to drive as S has driven our last few trips plus her guy doesn't drive so she's always the driver and never a passenger. She was pretty excited about this despite my car not having air-con. We made it to our destination after a few stops along the way in which we both found more treasures. After checking in we got our swimsuits on and immediately dove into the refreshing pool water (nothing like a hot car to entice you into the water no matter the temp). After about 5 minutes of total relaxation S made the mistake of mentioning how awesome it was to have the pool to ourselves. Cue a billion pre-teen boys busting through the door and literally cannon balling us!! Yah 2 minutes later we were out of the pool and out of there. Luckily we still had stuff to do and weren't broke up about it. We managed to do more shopping and then had an amazing dinner of poutine and smoked meat sandwiches. That meal was tops. We then decided to find the beach for the next morning as we weren't sure how close it was. Turns out it was 10 minutes down the road. We also got there just as the sun was setting and we watched the sky in awe and I snapped away more memories. We joke around that we have the best luck and the best timing when we go on our girl vacays. I call it good karma.

That evening we got back to the hotel and saw the pool was still full but since it was half hour to close we decided to take a chance and go for a quick swim. Once there the pool had all but cleared out (see? great timing). We swam til 10 then headed back to the room where there were penguins walking around cause it was that cold in our room (heehaw). We had a few nightcaps and then called it a night about midnight. I slept a bit more fitfully that night (fine I may have been a bit too cold but only cause the duvet was on S and on the floor beside her).

Sunday morning we had leftover smoked meat sandwiches for breakfast and then - yup went for a swim - before packing the car and checking out. We drove to a Sub place (our favourite one - Mr Sub as we both had our first jobs at one) and bought the sub of the day by happy happen stance. Then it was 1 more stop for coffee (it's great having a bf who loves coffee as much as you do!) then it was time for the beach!! We got to the parking lot and it was almost full at 11:30. I somehow ended up with a parking spot right beside the beach (seriously how can we be so lucky?). We dragged all our gear to the beach - found a great spot - and parked our butts there for the day. We only left once to go on the 5 cent carousel that has been there for decades and to get ice cream. We came back and stood staring at our stuff - it was all there but looked different. Turns out we were in the way of a volleyball tournament so they moved our stuff - respectfully - which was nice. We then made the most of the rest of our day and finally headed out around 7 when the clouds covered the sun and we figured that was our sign to hit the road. We quickly loaded the car, got changed and grabbed a coffee for good measure and hit the road home. We took a side road to see the above bronze elephants and as it turns out it was a great decision as it runs parallel to the highway which had come to a halt due to all the heavy traffic!

After dropping S off and picking up the rest of my stuff I made it home by 10pm where I quickly unpacked and was in bed by 11. I was ecstatic to see my hubby when I got home from work today. I do believe he even missed me as well. Which makes me feel even worse that tomorrow night I am going out to the movies with my ex belly dance girls and then Friday I am supposed to hang out with C and T for dinner. I do believe my hubby misses me the evenings I am away.

This weekend he is off. His boss offered him Saturday and he took it after asking me what I thought. I asked what he wanted to do and he wasn't sure. He doesn't want to go away cause he is all about us being careful with our money. (Believe that I did save for this girly trip). So we will probably do a road adventure Saturday as that was what he suggested and maybe a beach day Sunday. I feel a wee bit guilty as the neighbour gal and I were talking about getting together this weekend. That's not to say it won't happen but Keith rarely gets a Saturday off so he really wants to take advantage of it and go out with me. Hm suddenly I feel quite popular.

Alright I just noticed the time I gotta hit the sack. I woke up at 5:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep until it was nearly time to get up at 7:30. I'm forgoing my elliptical for a few days cause a) it's damn hot and b) I'm a woman so nuff said.

9:34 p.m. - 2015-07-27


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