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Espanol er sort of

So many emotions. We leave for the Dominican in 3 days. Normally I would be bouncing off the walls and looking down at everything from cloud 9. Instead I am guardedly excited. There are times when full blown excitement begins to take over and immediately I tamper it down - afraid to be too excited.

My dad is doing not so great health wise. He had some troubling news that involve his 1 kidney and his heart. Two weeks ago when my mom called I spent the night crying. I can't even really process my emotions right now about it and in all honesty I can't go there - to that place - right before I go on a trip.

Monday was my parent's anniversary. I sent them a card in the mail and wrote not only a small message but a poem that I had written a few months ago. The poem was one of those brainstorms where the words just flow into your brain and you scribble them on a piece of paper and forget about it until you decide to sent it to your parents. I have never sent my parents a poem. I have never read them anything I have written (besides when I was in school). When I spoke to my mom tonight for our weekly Wednesday chat she told me they had got the card and the poem had made her cry (I'm just going to assume in a good way). I brushed it off like I always do but deep down I was blushing to my roots. The poem meant a lot to me and I am glad it meant a lot to them as well. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

Tomorrow is my husband's and I anniversary. Our 10th. It will be a low key day - cause you know we'll be celebrating big time in the Dominican. Instead we are going to have a spaghetti dinner. Why spaghetti? No idea. Oh wait we thought it was cute because it was our first meal in our house when we moved in. It's also our moving anniversary. 8 years. I thought 9 but I was reading my d-land archives tonight and thank goodness I wrote about it!

We decided no gifts cause hello a trip is the biggest gift! I did buy him a bag of chocolate and wrote him a little love note - in spanish - cause I'm cute like that - where he'll find it tomorrow.

And after our dinner together - my husband will go to bed and I will go swimming with T. Romantic eh?

A'ight I gotta skedaddle. Things to do before bed!

9:16 p.m. - 2015-09-30


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