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2nd Honeymoon

Tuesday: 1pm

Hard to believe this time last week I was laying out on a beach contemplating if I was hungry enough to go for lunch or if I should just grab another pina colada? Oh how I wish I was back on that beach! To say I am having a hard time facing reality would be down playing it. I crashed hard. I think this vacation was the last ‘big thing’ I was looking forward to for the last several months and now… is over. Post vacation blues big time. I know I will bounce back shortly but this trip was such a huge thing for us.

But on the plus side this vacation (for me – more on that in a bit) was the best vacation I think we have ever had. We have learned our lessons from the other times we have gone away. We now know how and what to pack and we know some tricks to travelling that makes things easier. Also this time we did not go on extra curricular activities like we have in past years. We decided to stay put on the resort. We did decide to allow ourselves a massage etc if we were so inclined but surprisingly neither of us were feeling it – it probably helped that I was sunburned and did not want anyone touching me. My feet (heels) hurt the first couple days from walking barefoot in the sand and I was hobbling a lot but thankfully that went away about day 3.

Keith had it way worse than me though. The poor guy got food poisoning. We know that the resort tends to blame it on all the booze but we were quite good about our booze intake. Yes we drank several a day but neither of us ever over did it. And we kept the water intake (or pop in my case) up because of the hot sun. But we trace it back to the Italian restaurant we ate at. Ironically it was our worse meal the whole time we were there. It is supposed to be special to go to a restaurant at the resort but this definitely was not. That was Tuesday night. By Wednesday afternoon he was feeling ‘off’ by Wednesday evening he was suffering big time. I won’t get graphic but things got gross fast. We had to have a maid come in and clean up – yah that bad. Oh and getting a maid to our room was a 3 hour experience I never want to relive again. The biggest issue? Turns out the phone in our room was broken (we never checked so we never knew). Things got WAY worse though. The maid did come and clean (I tipped big time) and then as we were basking in the gross cleaning smell we heard a sound off in the distance. A phone ringing. Turns out our phone wasn’t the only broken one. The phone next door – smack up against the wall of our bed – rang for TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT. No….seriously soak that in.


All night as we tried to sleep there was a constant ringing just loud enough to be declared a form of torture. We were both up by 6:30 and when a maid came at 8:30 I pretty much grabbed her and hauled her to the room next door and begged her to go in and turn off the damn ringing phone. She thankfully went in even though she was eyeing me with something akin to fear in her eyes. I’m sure the way I was twitching due to lack of sleep probably scared the poor girl. We went in and sure enough there sat the offending machine ringing merrily away. She unhooked the phone and I nearly wept and wanted to hug her so much – instead we left yet another big tip. It turns out the block we were in had no other people in it. Not sure exactly why but we didn’t mind not having neighbours.

So yah besides that day and night our vacation WAS a success. Thankfully the good outweighed the bad – even for Keith. We did end the vac on a bumpy note unfortunately. The plane trip back was uneventful thank goodness and we got our bags quickly and our shuttle bus was even on time but once we got to our car we had hit the wall. The super early morning and long day of travel had taken it’s toll and we were quite cranky with each other and I may have had a mini (or not so mini if you ask my husband) melt down in the car.

But an hour later once we got home and were both sad and upset we finally talked and things came pouring out that had nothing to do with travelling and more to do with being overly emotional about certain things going on with my family etc. Funny how life does that eh? We ended up getting pita’s and some onion rings and calling it an early night.

Oddly enough that night I was up chugging the pink stuff due to those damn onion rings. Not such a great night sleep after all.

Ah well I made up for the not so great sleep and greasy meal by having an awesome turkey dinner Monday afternoon at Keith’s parents. It was a beautiful day although quite blustery. We all ended up dragging the outside table and chairs to the side of the house where the wind was much calmer and spent the afternoon in the sun til it was time to go inside and strap on our feedbag. Oh I did nearly do a face plant down the cement stairs from the patio. My foot got caught and I began to fall forward and by some miracle my foot came loose and I barely avoided going splat and replaying it in my head I am still not sure how I avoided hurting myself. I was a bit sore as I wrenched my back as I twisted in the air but yah I am so thankful I survived that. I thought I got away without witnesses but my two brother in laws saw the whole thing. They tried to make me feel better by telling me stories of others who took the tumble and survived. Honestly I have always marvelled that no child has been severely injured on these steps. They are steep and wicked but farm kids must be smart than other ones cause all of them have survived thus far!

Wednesday: present time

Not much to add. I went over to our neighbour's yesterday after work to collect our mail. I figured a smidge before the dinner hour while kind of rude would get me out of there in a decent time. I thought wrong. I was there over an hour. It's not that I don't like them but I veer more towards anti social. That and I still find getting to know you small talk a bit on the tedious side. But we did have a pretty good conversation so that's progress!

A'ight I spent the whole evening in front of this puter and got squat done. Good thing tomorrow is my Friday. A 3 day work week.

8:52 p.m. - 2015-10-14


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