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It’s been a while since I did THAT

Halloween. I am still peeling the orange nail polish from my fingers. Cool looking polish, tough as hell to get off. But it went well with my costume so I can’t complain too much. My costume was a gypsy. It was okay. Not all that creative but I didn’t have to buy anything for it either. I used scarves from my belly dancing days. And I had enough rings to cover every single finger!

I drove to my friend’s place after work on Friday. I am so very glad I snacked on the drive over on real food because her ‘potluck’ consisted of junk food only. I would have been wrecked if I had not eaten. The party was small but their apartment is fairly small so it worked out. S said it would go til midnight only but it didn’t end til around 2am. Surprisingly I was wide awake but S kept falling asleep on the couch. After the last few people left S did not pull out her air mattress for me but instead began to get her horrible decrepit couch ready for me to sleep on. I mean loveseat – this is no couch. It’s tiny. One side is all shot because it was a very cheaply made couch. I could try and balance on the side that was ‘iffy’ but after an hour of balancing I said screw it and moved to the floor. Yup I decided to sleep on a hard wooden floor rather than the couch. I remember sending Keith a text about it around 3am. Then at 10 I sent him this one:

“M’s log 10.31.15 floor is hard. Shoulder is sore from sleeping on floor. Cannot get up body hurts. Child above is trying to bash is way into this apt. He may succeed.”

Boy did I laugh and laugh while typing that. I may have been delirious from lack of sleep (see sleeping on hard floor above). Eventually S got up and made us waffles before I hit the road home.

Oh I did have a momento from my overnight stay – a parking ticket! Yah S and her guy like to go on about how no one ever gets a ticket (we park on the street near their apartment building) but that night her guy said he had never seen anyone get a ticket until THAT DAY dundundun! Yah I got a bad feeling but not much I could do about it at that point – sure enough the next day there was my $23 thanks for visiting our city flyer on my windshield!

I considered taking a nap when I got home but instead chugged a xl coffee and powered through it – with a quick stop at VV (found 2 pairs of awesome almost new shoes that are actually good for my feet!) Once Keith got up from his nap we decorated the house outside and it looked mighty fine. My pumpkin turned to mush though. We had kept it inside (ahem I had suggested taking them out ) but I wasn’t crushed as like I mentioned my pumpkin turned out horrible this year.

We were in bed by 11 which I was a-ok with and my body nearly wept when it came into contact with my sweet sweet comfortable bed.

So you know how you are told to be careful what you wish for? Remember when I was lamenting the fact that I felt I got more benefit from walking at the track than my elliptical? Well I guess my elliptical heard me and got pissed off cause it broke on me. Not died. Broke. As in Keith’s not sure he’ll be able to fix it. Suddenly walking at the track again in the evenings isn’t looking so appealing!

Not sure if I’ll be able to walk this week as I seem to be dealing with an ingrown toenail. There really should be a button on google that you can click that says “do not show me images” when you look things up. I want to look up some info about my toenail but I really do NOT want to see gross images of other people’s nails. Just tell me how to fix it! I mean Keith tried to fix it on the weekend but it is still super tender and sore today.

Nano Update:

So I skimmed my 50,402 word novel from 2 years ago last night and now I have the task of ‘fleshing it out’ this month which gives me quite a bit of anxiety. I mean there is definitely stuff to be fleshed out, it’s just the task seems really daunting right now. I ended up reviewing my stuff for like 2 hours last night and fixing a few things (it seems at one point I got 2 names mixed up for a gal’s current fiancée and her ex-husband) Oops. After all was said and done I had actually ‘reduced’ my word count! Not what I was aiming for. But since I didn’t do any writing last night I’m okay with that. I also went and actually registered on the nano website so I am committed! Wish me luck!

Now I must go and make notes on a few ideas I was trying to brew up on my walk at lunch.

8:51 p.m. - 2015-11-02


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