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Sick of being sick

I am having a hard time focusing today. I am making lists inside my head and on paper. I want to be shopping. I want to be writing for the last few days of nano (I had a resurgence) or maybe I want to be eating turkey with my American friends and neighbours. Alas I am doing none of those instead I am at work. I shouldn’t complain too much as I was off yesterday (sick) and I am off tomorrow (flex) so it is a super short week. Although truthfully I hated calling in sick yesterday but my body was telling no forcing me to rest. I slept over 12 hours so I guess I needed it.

This past weekend we went to visit family and as it turns out many people in my family are sick right now. My youngest nephew being the worse and his mom following close behind. They are now on antibiotics. At the beginning of the weekend I noticed one of my eyes was slightly red. By the end of the weekend both were red. Not pink eye. I believe it was linked to my cold although this has never happened to me before. I went to work Monday and Tuesday and got to hear how bad I looked. Thankfully the red eyes are pretty much gone and I am left with a cough and slightly stuffy head. Oh and a rash. But the more I look into this rash the more I think it’s not related to the cold. It’s not itchy – more like hives. So far it’s just cosmetic but it has now forced me to cancel swimming tonight and my massage tomorrow so I am not a happy camper. I am going to try a few things but obviously if it’s still here by next week at this time I will have to make a doctor’s appointment. Maybe.

So Christmas is now a month away. I need to start getting in the Spirit. Keith and I plan on going shopping this weekend. Although I’m not so sure we’ll end up with many gifts based on the places we are going but we will see. I also want to start decorating some of the inside of the house. Normally I wait til we get the tree but I’m not sure I want to wait that long. Again we’ll see. I do want to watch quite a few x-mas movies in the next few weeks. I think I say this every year and I think I don’t reach that goal but I like to keep on trying!

What I didn’t cancel tomorrow was my hair appointment. I was quite disappointed with my haircut last month and I totally take responsibility for that. I told the girl only a certain length and she adhered to that and I left feeling….disappointed. My fault totally. Tomorrow I am going to be less chicken and just go for it. I am wearing my hair up in a ponytail/bun 90% of the time. Not acceptable. Go short or go home!

As we are hemorrhaging money this time of year I can’t help but think about my relationship with money past and present. Money is such a funny thing – it really is. It was only a couple years ago we were struggling so much and my wallet was always empty and it was a big deal to spend any amount. Now we are doing so much better. With blood, sweat and tears we are getting our debt under control. We have learned (mostly) to live within our means. We save up for trips. And as I said to Keith yes we could have forgone our trips and just kept plodding away with our debt but life is too short not to “LIVE IT”. I don’t know, I guess with the end of the year coming up I am reflecting on our journey with money.

My throat is sore. Hmph. No staying up late for this girl - I will get healthy if it kills me! Heh.

9:51 p.m. - 2015-11-26


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