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Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch it.....please!

My friend S now lives closer and in a less congested city that is way cheaper to live however it is now becoming too expensive to visit her for me. Oh gas is co-operating nicely and I have a small economical car so that is no worries. Nope it is the 2 consecutive parking tickets I have got since I visited her. Now one was for overnight parking – fine I will accept that even though they had bragged since they moved there no one EVER got a ticket (yay me I was the first!). Then this past weekend I drove down for a day of shopping with her. Since she knows the city she drove – and brain surgeons we are we did not think of moving my car to her secure and paid for spot – nope we left it there on the street to get ticketed for the 2nd time. Turns out you can only park on her street for 1 hour. Now granted my friend seemed pretty upset about it but not enough to you know….offer to help bail me out or throw in a few bucks for my second ticket for visiting her. I mean I probably would have declined it it just would have been nice to have the offer ya know? Oh wait she did buy me a coffee and a donut AND made me a pretty bad homemade stew (yah I’ve been spoiled by Keith’s cooking it’s not my fault). Meat should not be that chewy.

I’m not as bitchy as that paragraph reads. Although I have reason to be. I itch everywhere I cannot reach. Haha jokes on me eh? I have a cream at home Keith bought yesterday that worked great but guess who can’t spread it on her back in the morning before she leaves work? I’m sure Keith could have put cold goopy cream on my back when he left at 2am for work but it would have been pointless as I shower every morning. So yah that rash I mentioned in the last entry totally exploded all over my body. My doctor doesn't seems concerned of course at the time the rash was minor and not itchy at all. Feh. I'll give it a while longer before I go back - I really hate being a whiner.

At least my cold is over. Why do I feel like I just jinxed myself?

Today we had our team lunch. The day started off with drama. 1 co-worker has her mother in the hospital and another co-worker is worried about her druggy daughter. Put a bit of a downer on the day. Oh and we almost came to a shouting match at the restaurant as we were trying to play the white elephant game. So many variations. I ran the game last year and wrote out the rules - the person didn't do the same this year who was running it and had some wacky rules that didn't make sense. Ah well I think we all left happy. My secret santa gift was awesome - a comfy blanket, 4 pairs of socks (yup I love the socks) and a x-mas ornament with my initial.

This weekend it is go time for Christmas preparations. My friend S is having a party but we've declined. Besides not wanting another ticket (ahem) we want to get our x-mas tree this weekend and get our x-mas shopping done.

Last Sunday was a write off after the x-mas party. T and her guy drove us to the party and it was a super fun night. We called it a night around 2am but boy did I feel rough in the morning. After an extra strength advil I was so much better. But I still didn't leave the house the whole day thus got nothing done.

A'ight I gotta finish my laundry and head to bed. I am tired!

9:36 p.m. - 2015-12-10


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