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A long wknd in the Falls with my hubby and MB!

The weekend of Love. Or Valentines day as most people refer to it. It was probably one of my best valentines ever and not because it involved flowers or jewellery or even chocolate. It actually involved none of those things. It was actually just spending so much time with my husband. We cuddled the shit out of Valentines! When Keith and I first got together we would spend hours in bed (mind out of the gutters) we would lay wrapped up in each other and just talk and hang out and just be together. We did a helluva lot of that this weekend. In Niagara Falls and at home. Bliss.

Speaking of happiness. I chose our hotel based on the proximity of the venue MB was playing. This turned out to be a very good thing. We were 1 minute walk away from our hotel. The weather was cold and crappy and traffic was horrible but a 1 minute walk is totally doable. We sat front row off to the side but it turns out that near the end of the performance he plays in the crowd and had to walk past us when he went back up to the stage. He stopped and shook my hand - I thought he would do the whole slap thing but instead he actually grasped it which you know was pretty dang cool. BUT the best was when we were told by some security guy before the concert that at that point in the concert you were allowed to go up to the stage if you wanted. Yup. I was there. I put on my hat and ran up with the rest of the middle aged women and yelled like teenage girls!

Now for the best part. I have a hat that I bought decades ago back when MB had a website selling stuff like that when you joined his fan club. I never wear hats cause I look horrible in them but I dug this hat out for the purpose of this concert and threw it on at the end. As he stood on stage doing the hand thing to those of us who ran up I pointed at my hat and he actually did a double take and laughed and looked amazed. Then as the set finished and the band left the stage he looked back at me and mouthed "wow" and shook his head again at my hat. Yah I was on cloud 9. As a fan it's just nice to be noticed ya know? I snagged the set list again (3rd one) and we left. People were buzzing around outside and I got 2 of the band members to sign my set list but never thought to ask for a photo with them (duh). Ah well probably just as well cause once we got back to the hotel and I looked in the mirror I had horrible hat hair and it was not a flattering look. LOL.

It was a Wonderful weekend. We checked out of the hotel at 11 and after a few stops we had lunch at Red Lobster before hitting the road home. We had planned on having lunch on actual V-day there but it was stupidly packed for the few hours we were out and about. All was not lost cause we had lunch at our favourite place in the Falls and it was not busy at all. Ironically as we left town after lunch at RL we drove by our favourite place and it was packed now. I kind of love how things work out sometimes!

The hubby brought a bottle of bubbly that we had before and after the concert. He gave me a sweet card which he has learned after all these years is all I really want. He goes all out with the cards too and doesn't cheap out like I do and get them at the $ store. Heh.

Now it is back to real life. Back to work tomorrow. At least it's only a 3 day work week for me. My flex is this Friday. I thought of moving it to next week or something buuuuuut nah - 3 day work week it is!

8:15 p.m. - 2016-02-15


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