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I went on quite the disappointing walk tonight. I went super slow and did a super short route. Since I hurt my left hip area somehow Monday night I haven't walked (Tuesday is my no walking night and last night it rained). Tonight was to give the ol' hip a test drive on a short walk. It was so frustrating though cause I would forget and start to walk faster - feel a twinge - and force myself to slow down and take it easy. I tried to 'enjoy the scenery' but the rest of my body wasn't buying it. Ah well. So far so good with the hip though. It's frustrating not knowing what I actually did to myself or how. I guess getting up tomorrow morning will be let me know how it went with the hip.

I moved the furniture around last night and Keith isn't all that thrilled with it but I'm okay with that. It was his timeline to renovate the basement so if we have to sit up in the living room I am going to stop sitting sideways to watch the telly. I think he'll let it be though.

I realized today that I have to get into my crazy list making mode STAT! I have to be packed for 2 trips by this coming Wednesday. Clothes - beach toys - and the 101 things that I have to bring on each trip. I'm a little too eager for this list making to begin. Every list maker knows that little thrill you get when you put that first item on your list.

My itinerary is to go to bed super early next Wednesday as I am getting up at like 4:30am (gross) to head into T dot on the train with 2 of my co-workers. We are going for a day of training. We won't get back til around 7pm. Then Friday I have a massage at 10:30. I had hoped to have lunch with my husband before hitting the highway (but he said this may not happen as he's quite busy these days). I will then drive to my younger brother's and his family and stay with them til Tuesday morning. At which time I will drive home - have a chiropractic appointment and dinner with my husband (otherwise known as date night) then hit the highway early Wednesday morning to see my best friend S for our girl vacay. A friend of hers is joining us this year and I am trying to have an open mind. Sure hope she's fun! We will then spend 2 nights in a beach town exploring the area and hopefully getting in beach time until July 1st at which time I will hopefully make it home in decent time to spend Canada Day with my husband! We are trying to decide whether we will go to ribfest on Can Day or the next day. We'll play it by ear. See? So much fun to be had - so many lists to be made!

8:33 p.m. - 2016-06-16


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