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Last recap of August vacay & swallowing knives

Have you ever tried to actually avoid swallowing - saliva I mean. As in you are sitting watching tv or what have you and do your darndest not to swallow but it has to happen. I have the 'allergies'. I've never had them this bad and I have no sympathy from my doctor who told me this morning that he is allergic to everything and takes a pill every day. I responded with 'I have no idea what I'm allergic to'. I now have a referral to see an allergist. Until then I sit back and enjoy the pain. Seriously I've had the itchy eyes and mouth and the sneezing but never the full on sore throat, coughing all night and head cold feeling and No I am not sick. It is the weirdest feeling. (PS my appt wasn't too whine about the allergies but I figured since I was there I should say something)

Enough of that. So my last and final vacation week was pretty damn good. I started it off with a massage then proceeded to completely undo it by helping T's mom paint T's new store. She had to move her store in 3 days and that included painting the new store top to bottom. I put in my full 8 hours so I'm good.

Tuesday was her moving day and she told me not to feel guilty about not coming because she knew I was on vacation and should enjoy it. As it turned out Keith got done work super early Tuesday morning so we decided to do an impromptu overnight trip to the Falls. It was an even sweeter deal as I used a coupon so we only paid $20 to stay on the strip which was sweet. I know it's been a few months but there's been so many changes at the Falls. A hotel that's been on the strip forever was torn down (it was kept up to date) and will be replaced with a go-cart track. Mkay.

It was a fun little getaway. Thursday I think I did some shopping - no wait - I drove to a nearby town and walked along the water and it was so great that rather than go shopping I stayed and enjoyed the sites and nature and then headed home for lunch. Friday I had to do blood work at 8:40 but I wanted to make a water class at 9am. My blood appt was pre scheduled and they had me in right on time and I was out within 5 minutes. I quickly ate a cereal bar (I had to fast) while driving to the pool. I got there, paid, changed and was in the pool with 5 minutes to spare - go me!

Then it was the long weekend. Saturday night we went over to our neighbours for dinner and a fire (totally unplanned). Keith said no to go without him but being a good wife I forced him to walk across the street and told him if he felt unwell or tired he could leave anytime - we BOTH ended up staying til midnight!

Sunday we went to Toronto and had a fun day and managed to buy most of our x-mas gifts for all the 1 million kids we have in our lives. As I told Keith I am keeping it simple from now on - it's getting too expensive. Plus hi we're not made of money! It's not like any of the parents will complain they all think their kids have too many toys. Maybe next Christmas everyone will get a book - hm now that would be fun to give.

Holiday Monday we worked on our basement some more. I am actually seeing progress. Slowly but this summer has been too damn hot to labour away. Supposedly we are working on the basement tomorrow as well. Sure thing as long as it takes my mind off of swallowing!

This work week was short thankfully and went pretty fast. This morning I was late due to the doctor's appt so that made it even better. Next week though is great as I'm only working 3 days! I took Thursday (my birthday) and Friday off. I have plans almost every night - Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri and Sat. Not all bday related but that's okay. I'm still looking forward to all of it!

I had thoughts about turning 42 (yikes) but I'm too tired and too full of sore throat to go on. Instead I will log off and go watch a movie that will hopefully take my mind off of ME.

8:32 p.m. - 2016-09-09


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