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I've always maintained I am not a morning person I may have to rethink this position. Of course by morning I find my roll-out-of-bed without an alarm time is between 8 and 9am. Back in the day this was SUPER early for me but getting up for work between 6:30 and 7am I now know what is early - for me. So yah if I were to get up between 8 and 9am I would be super productive I feel. Alas since I refuse to spend a minute after 4:30 at work I will continue getting up way too early (for me) for the forseeable future.

So my dad is back home and doing okay! He and my mother just celebrated 48 years of marriage on the 28th. My brothers and I all chipped in and had a meal catered to my parents (via my awesome sister in law) and a large bouquet of flowers. It is their day but we just wanted them to know how much we love and appreciate them.

For thanksgiving we were asked to bring a dessert and I am trying to find a dessert that will taste good but not be horrible for all us diabetics in the family. Keith thinks it can't be done but I shall prove him wrong. I want to encourage my dad to continue eating healthy now that he is out of the hospital. It's hard at get togethers especially glutton ones like Thanksgiving.

Last night I went to the movies with my ex belly dance girls. We saw the Bridget Jones one. Last week I refreshed myself on the first 2 and realized I hated them. I hated her character. She was too much and it was almost slap stick. I was resigned to enjoying my popcorn while coasting thru the movie. To my great surprise I loved the movie! I had tears of laughter coming down my face at one point. The character was far less annoying and it wasn't so slap stick this time around. They were all more mature. Although I have to admit I did not laugh as much as my 2 friends they were Very Loud in their laughter which was sometimes more funny than the movie. All in all it was a much needed belly laugh night.

Tomorrow I am off work on my first flex day after summer holidays. I am spending it babysitting. Ha. Not so much a day off eh? I am watching T's little girl from 2 o'clock til whenever they get home (fingers crossed before 10pm!) as I hate driving home too late. I had considered staying the night but she told me they would be home early so I've decided not to pack an overnight bag. It helps that my hubby has Saturday off.

It is our 11 year anniversary on October 1st. I teased Keith that I should wear my wedding dress for the day and he said I should then he would make me pump gas when we were out. Now THAT would make heads turn I'm sure! Oh the looks I would get. I can't stop laughing at that image.

We don't have concrete plans except for ending up at a fancy hotel in the Toronto area. Before we check out Sunday I booked Keith an hour massage. (Mine is tomorrow with my regular guy - I would rather go to someone who knows me and rubs me just the right way) Ha sounds dirty.

While Keith is getting massaged I will be swimming in their awesome pool. I gave up getting my eye problem fixed today as the dr told me I couldn't swim this weekend. Now I have to wait a month but I'm okay with that. Swimming means a lot to me! I heart pools.

On that note I am out of here. Time to netflix and chill.

8:28 p.m. - 2016-09-29


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