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December is social month

As I drove home tonight and started getting a little too freaked out about the insane traffic I smacked my head - pms time. I came home and took it out on Keith as well. But I came around and I got in a better mood.

I was out with my belly dance girls last night. The 4 of us met for dinner. I felt a wee bit bad when our ex teacher made a comment how it's nice we can meet a year later and pick up where we left off. The 3 of us tend to meet up several times a year for a movie or din to catch up. Not sure why we don't invite her? Although things may change as one of the girls is moving to the T dot region. No more in town dinner and movies that's for sure. She doesn't drive so it will be us going to her. I hope she'll be ok she suffers from depression and after seeing her first apartment listing on the weekend she got super depressed because she has set her sites too high. She's such a nice girl (woman I mean 3 of us are in our 40's) but she makes bad choices (I mean Dominican boyfriend? Just no). I have a feeling our other friend M is going to miss her big time. I think M and I may end up hanging out as a duo a few times as well.

Hm what else? Not much. Last weekend I brought out xmas so now our living room is nice and festive. I bought these 3 trees from Costco that light up in several colours. Pretty. I also picked up my calendar I made and ordered for my MIL she better love it - it's a just because gift!

This weekend I'm going to the movies. Well that's the hope. I'm running a work staff association event and 70 people from work are going and me and another girl are running it so we have to be there early with everyone's tickets - free ticket along with popcorn and pop. It's for Moana. Even Keith wants to go so hopefully this all goes as planned. Planning big events stresses me out.

Alright I'm boring myself and super tired - got up early today to do yoga for some reason. At least it was easier than the last time I did it a few months ago - the gym must be doing something for me after all.

10:30 p.m. - 2016-12-06


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