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That's a wrap for another year

The Christmas Wrap up. Another x-mas has come and gone it's one of those times of the year where you gear up for weeks and months for one day. No wonder so many people are out boxing day shopping - you have to keep the high going!

Keith and I had a very stress free travel day on x-mas eve. I stayed at work til 4:30 on x-mas eve eve. I would like to say it was a pleasant time but it wasn't it was busy and annoying. So many people across the province bugger off and leave only me and a couple people on phones - it's not right and it's not fair - but nobody cares so there's no point in whining about that. I got thru it and quite happily left that building.

Saturday - x-mas eve - I packed the car while Keith slept and once he was up we opened a couple gifts each and brought the rest with us. We had a great drive down with very little traffic and this time we remembered restaurants closed early so we grabbed an early dinner on the road. We even made it to the church an hour early.

It was fun to experience x-mas with little kids - putting out cookies for Santa and being too excited to go to sleep. Then 7am comes and the excitement and shrieks of joy as the wrapping paper is ripped away. Funny enough our shrieking monkeys were a hit. I thought they'd be more of a hit on Keith's side but not so much. It was a 7am wake up time as my sil had to work the night shift and that's when she got home. Once the gifts were done and breakfast was eaten we headed to church minus my sil who went to bed.

We had a late lunch/early din at 3pm in the church hall that we rented out. We then played our white elephant game and it was pretty good except for a very annoying lady who is of no relation to any of us who thought my rules were 'stupid'. She said it about 3 times - after asking me to clarify each time the rules. I swear I nearly told her off the last time. My patience has a limit. Turns out she was also the one who took my cookie tin. Basically stole it. Yes it's just a tin but I've had this tin for years as it's unique and special and thought for sure it would be okay going to a family function. I was pretty upset at the end of the night when it was missing. My parents tracked it down for me which is pretty awesome of them - especially as they are in Nova Scotia right now.

My parents left for NS boxing day morning a couple hours before we left for home. We had had an ice storm the night before (there are videos of people actually skating on the roads). By the time we left the highway roads were pretty okay. The drive home was brutal though. We kept coming to crawls along the 401 and eventually we clued in we were coming to a standstill for almost half an hour whenever there was an off ramp for a MALL!!! A frickin MALL!! People were sitting in hour long line ups just to get close to a mall to spend their money. INSANE.

Tuesday I was off but Keith had to work. Wednesday I went back to work and I was the only one in my department and phones were the same as above and work was plentiful. So I left at 1 and went home for the day. It seems I picked up a bug over x-mas. So far it's just a sore throat and fatigue. Last night I had a bit of a fever and slept fitfully thus I called in sick this morning and then finally slept better for a few more hours.

Now I am huddled on the couch with blankets and sweaters and watching day time tv. I'm just hoping I feel okay for nye. We are heading back up to my brother and sil and spending the night with them. I have to make sure to get decent sleep and wash my hands a LOT around those 2 germy cute boys!

10:28 a.m. - 2016-12-29


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