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February! In with a sneeze?

I'm Sick. Sad but true. Ha. I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week languishing on my couch. It's a sinus type cold and oy does it bring with it a wicked headache. I would have stayed home today but 3 days off is just too dramatic. I'm not sure where I picked up my cold but I went to C's birthday party on Saturday and she started off by telling us how sick she was! I'm trying not to blame her.

The gym has not been on my radar lately. I went to go last Wednesday (yah a week ago) but had a 'date' with my next door neighbour. She talked/guilted me into holding some sort of cleaning product party with her. I say with cause I refused to have it at my house. So I had to head over there and discuss the details with her (it's next Thursday). Our meet up didn't go that bad actually. Although it's weird to see a family hanging out not watching tv but listening to radio and playing chess etc. Refreshing but weird.

Thursday I swam with T. Actually I swam laps for a good 20 minutes before she even arrived. Friday I went gang busters on our basement and sweated it out while purging and trying to help organize the basement. I filled my trunk with donations that I dropped off Saturday afternoon. I had tentative plans to hang out with T and her mom and her daughter but with T's flakiness I had to bow out. She sent me a text much later than planned with outlines for their afternoon. I knew there was no way that was going to work and make it to C's party on time. Guess who was late? Hint - not me. I was a bit bummed about not hanging out with them which is why I took my happiness in my own hands and took myself out for an hour or so and ran a few of my own errands. It was actually sunny out as I drove down the highway singing along to my music. Maybe I should call this the year of me?

Tomorrow I am meeting up with C after work. She is in my town for jury duty. Then I will meet up with T to swim. Here's hoping I will feel better than I did today. I think I will. I just finished doing that neti pot thing - it's gross but it works. I finally learned how not to let it dribble down my throat (gag).

I think I will wrap this up so I can call my mom at 9 then I am going to hit the sack - after taking a hit of nyquil!

PS - I love the comments in my buddy list! I even looked up park runs in Canada and 3 are out West and one is in Quebec which is about a 7 hour drive from me - lol. Thanks for the cheering on as well - it leaves me with the warm and fuzzies reading those comments. And I need all the warmth I can get with this stupid cold! Here's to healthier days ahead!

8:28 p.m. - 2017-02-08


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