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Reno...a 4 letter word....just sayin'

And *Poof* just like that April's gone...or almost. Wow time is flying - or am I just getting older cause I feel I say that a lot!

So my week off, which I barely remember now, went pretty good. We did some work on the basement, we had some fun and next thing I knew it was Easter weekend and we were heading North to visit my family.

The basement renos are just about killing me. They are definitely killing Keith. It is no surprise that everything takes twice as long and the more you tear down things the more you discover just how sloppily or wrong they were done *sigh*.

Last Saturday Keith's boss came over and spent a few hours in the basement with us which was super nice of him. That night I left Keith at home and took T out for her b-day. I had jokingly offered to take her out dancing and she had text me back saying okay. We went out to a bar and she had a pitcher of beer while I watched then I drove us to the country bar and we got our dance on and I finally got to drink. We shut the place down and T was definitely in the zone cause I was just sober enough to talk her into getting into a cab with me instead of following a group we had met just half an hour before closing who were going back to ??? and keep partying. I'm glad I was sober enough to say no to that. Older AND wiser - finally.

Sunday I was tired as all get out but had to pull it together as we had company coming. My brother and his fam were all coming down for a couple days. We had asked my brother to come down and help us with the basement and my sil turned it into a family trip. I couldn't really complain cause I get to spent a ton of time with my adorable nephews. We swam a LOT. The oldest who is 7 was swimming without any water wings etc in the super deep end which gave me mini heart attacks. I stuck super close beside him and would nudge him to the side if I thought he was having issues. But he did really good. I took Monday off work (I even told the truth when I called in). Monday night we all went out for wings at our favourite place and Keith and I paid the bill.

Tuesday I went to work (boo) and my sil took the boys to a local in door fun arcade thing. On my way home from work I picked up chinese for all of us, then after dinner I headed back to the arcade with my sil and the boys for an hour or so as the boys really wanted their aunt to see it! Then it was time for them to hit the road for home.

Unfortunately the basement is not even close to being where we thought it would be. Keith ran into so many issues that the drywall did not not get touched which was the whole point of having my brother down. I mean my brother did help but that's what Keith wanted help with the most. But all is not lost Keith is going to work on the issues and then in a couple weeks my brother hopes to come up on a Tuesday night after his course in Toronto - taking the train - and help Keith with the drywall on Wednesday and then take the train home. Very nice of him. I hope it happens for Keith's sake (and mine cause I suck at manual labour).

It's been such a chaotic week that I couldn't face the gym tonight. I just wanted to stay home and do nothing. I've had something going since Saturday night - tonight is my first night by myself *happy sigh*.

I have tomorrow off so I want to hit the gym first thing and get in a good workout (don't tell anyone but I kind of miss the gym). The rest of my day got nixed cause I found out the sandals I picked out at my orthotics guy were just 'for show' and I have to go out and find my own WTF? I'm going to find it really hard to buy a quality pair of sandals knowing they are going to rip the sole out to insert my custom made orthotic. The concept is cool I just hate spending all this money. I'm a little doubtful on finding a pair of sandals I will like/afford and that will work - wish me luck!

I sure hope 'spummer' gets here soon - Spring/Summer if you didn't guess. The weather here is crazy but I am sick of socks and pants. I love capris and sandals! I've been slowly switching over my wardrobe despite the fact the weather isn't co-operating. I will win this one - mark my words!

Alright time to go and catch up on a few shows before my eyelids catch on how tired I am!

8:59 p.m. - 2017-04-27


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