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Playing can be so exhausting

I wonder if hanging with a 4 year old for the last 24 hours has made me as stubborn as her - maybe she's rubbed off on me? I just transplanted some aloe and they suggest doing it outside because *ahem* it can be quite messy. I kiboshed that and did it on my kitchen counter - my butter dish did not thank me. But man I have so much aloe! I hope I transplanted it okay - I'm not a plant person and this is the only greenery in my house.

So I am exhausted! I babysat T's daughter. I went over yesterday for 3pm and came home about the same time today. It was an overnighter. She's an easy going kid for sure but high energy and stubborn as all get out - I for sure can see both of her parent's personalities in her. We butted heads a couple times cause I obviously have no idea what I'm talking about. But no tantrums or break downs and when I left she kept hugging me so I'd say it was a success. I even got along with their dog this time which I'm happy about. The only snag was when I let her out for a pee around 9 or so (you have to chain her as they have no fence and she'd run away). I heard lots of barking while I was putting the kid to bed and when I went downstairs it was now dark and the dog was standing at the back door - without her chain or collar. Turns out it broke but thankfully she didn't run off! I'm not sure what I would have done - freaked out for sure! I rigged something for today so she could sit outside with me and the kid while we played barbies in the hot weather (I brought a make shift barbie pool to keep us both cool if need be). I sure was glad to come home though.

It wasn't so much entertaining the kid for 24 hours that exhausted me but I couldn't fall asleep right away (strange bed) and it was warm in the house as they had turned off the AC and I didn't want to futz around with it. Then the dog slept in the same room and made some strange noises (normal dog noises but loud) and then when I did fall asleep I was awoke at 2:22am by the kid to tell me she had to go pee. Um okay. I got up, waited for her to do so then escorted her back to her bed. I went back to mine started to fall asleep heard her cry for like 30 seconds then stop and then I couldn't sleep! At 6 or so she came into the room and wanted to sleep with me and I was so tired I threw a pillow at her and she curled up beside me and we slept til 7am.

Besides the babysitting gig I was off Friday and I actually got my butt up and went to the gym then Keith and I got home about the same time and after eating lunch we headed out for a little afternoon road trip. It was a beautiful day for one. We got home around 5, had some dinner and then after Keith went to bed I took my car for a car wash and then took myself for a coffee - yes at 7pm - cause my body was desperate for one then I browsed and shopped at nearby thrift store for almost 2 hours while I sipped my coffee and just relaxed and enjoyed myself. I also finally found a pair of blue capri pants for work. I have been looking for over a year for a decent pair that fits right and looks great - finally found them! Speaking of which I have to go rescue them from the laundry room. I did 4 loads of laundry this weekend plus a tub full of hand wash ones that I've meaning to do for quite a while. Victory!

I am going to shut down the electronics now, finish making my lunch for work tomorrow then call it a night with my book. Peace and quiet - it is all it's cracked up to be!

8:25 p.m. - 2017-06-11


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