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I am a kaleidoscope of emotions today. I want to say I am sad but sad is too much of a word for what I am feeling. I am probably more melancholy maybe? A coworker retired. We worked closely the last few years but I have known her for 18. And like everything else it's not just her leaving that has affected me, if I dig deeper then it snow balls into the fact that others in my department are retiring within a year or so. It will be just me in my department and word on the street is that's the way the big whigs want it to be - all other offices are growing but mine will remain stagnant. But I guess I can't really worry about the future - there are no guarantees in life.

My so called weekend of rest didn't turn out quite as planned. Saturday afternoon both Keith and I took a 2 hour nap and that was awesome. We pulled it together and managed to go grocery shopping and do some errands. We got home threw our wings into the oven, Keith popped open a beer took a sip and the phone rang. It was one of his brothers. He was stranded in our town and asked if he could come over (via a pick up from Keith) until he could get a drive home. Fast forward to Sunday morning at 11:45 and Keith and I were wondering if his brother was ever going to wake up! Yah he spent the night. We had fed him dinner, then once he got up fed him breakfast then drove him home. We spent a few hours visiting with Keith's parents and boom there went our weekend. Not as much downtime as I would have liked but in the scheme of things it wasn't a horrible weekend.

This coming weekend won't be a restful one but it will be fun. Saturday I am heading for a girls adventure day with 2 of my belly dance girls. I just hope I will be rid of this cough by then. It is still going strong. I can at least sleep at night so that's a big relief. I just have to make sure I get at least 8 hours or my cough comes surging back.

My focus is gone now cause I am tired. Time to wrap this up.

7:04 p.m. - 2017-11-01


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