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Vacay recap

Why does time fly when you are having fun? I am totally feeling the vacation vibe and of course I am now pretty much done - ugh!

My week off has been great! All my angst about visiting my family thankfully turned out to be in my head. I drove down there Friday evening and got there at 10:30. My sil went to work and my brother and I sat up til midnight talking.

Saturday my brother, sil, my 2 nephews and their nana (sil mom) drove to T dot to see the globe trotters. It was pretty neat. We made it there with like 3 minutes to spare. The drive home was horrible as we sat in traffic for most of it. My parents were away Friday night and then Saturday had to attend a funeral - we all got home about the same time Saturday evening - 8 or so. I played scrabble with my mom and brother eventually making it to bed around 1am.

Sunday I went to church with my parents and nephews. My brother was preaching at another church and my sil was sleeping as she worked all night. I forgot how good my dad is. I mean I do have a bit of biased but after sitting thru so many other ministers I forget that he really does capture and hold people's attention which is no small feat these days. After church I took my nephews to the park and we played b-ball for like 3 hours! It was an insanely beautiful day. I was pretty sunburned by the time we headed back to the house! That evening my brother and I worked out - I thought it was going to be an easy yoga thing - ha no such luck! Then it was more scrabble!

Monday I got up to walk the boys to school with my mom. Then around 11:30 I realized my sil wasn't up even though she had text me at 10:15 to ask what time we were leaving for our manis and pedis. Turns out she fell back to sleep after said text! We rushed to go pick up her mom and the 4 of us had a girls afternoon. Spa and then lunch. My bro and sil picked up the boys from school and weren't back til 5pm. My parents and I ended up sitting outside on the deck just talking all afternoon - it was quite nice! We even fit in some more scrabble while sitting outside! That evening - nope not scrabble - my bro and sil and I watched a movie - the 3 billboards one before calling it a night at 1am.

Tuesday I again got up and walked the boys to school with my mom. Then packed up my car and headed off around 10ish taking my brother with me. I drove him half way to T dot. He was going all the way down town and dropping him off would have been hellish for me so he was ok with our plan.

It was a great few days hanging with my fam even though I didn't get that much sleep!

Wednesday the hubs and I hung out - first we went to his float which he enjoyed but didn't love like I thought he would. Then we hit 2 antique stores in our town that we'd never been to. We made it home around 4 and both were too full from our lunch out to have din. But we did have a big heart to heart when he was heading to bed. The same ol' boys are from mars and girls are from venus discussions. I think we ironed it out.

Today I had a massage and did a bit of running around. Tomorrow I have an appt to get a thing checked on my face to see what it is. I'm sort of anxious for that. I want it gone but I want it to be nothing you know? Then that evening is my co-workers retirement party. And if I leave that early enough it's book club. We'll see.

This weekend we hope to visit Keith's dad - he's out of hospital but in a nearby retirement home to recuperate. We are so out of the loop.

Alright I'm watching my battery go lower and lower on this tablet and it's freaking me out so I"m gonna post before I lose this entry!

9:07 p.m. - 2018-04-26


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