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Oh man I have been floating ALL afternoon. I've been so giddy making stupid or silly comments because the relief was so HUGE after we left the doctor's office. I think Keith was starting to worry for my sanity but even he had no idea just how worked up I had made myself! I barely slept 7 hours last night! Thankfully I did sleep but normally on my day off I get like 8 1/2.

I want to start by saying that the Specialist I saw was a great doctor BUT he could have given me some info last time that he gave me today - or hell maybe he did and I just didn't retain it. He told me that it looks like he got the whole lump on my face, however, he is going to send me to speak to a plastic surgeon who will discuss cutting into my face and looking deeper to see if there is anymore. Then he added that this type of cancer doesn't spread. If I choose not to cut into my face and this lump begins to regrow then that means they will definitely have to cut in and remove it. This doctor recommends I definitely go in now and make sure it's gone. Keith and I spoke very briefly about it after the appt and he thinks I should wait. I"m conflicted. I may have to do some research and talk to some people about this. But the good news is where the bump was is looking so good now that the doctor wants me to take a picture so when I do see the PS he will know where the spot is! That is just crazy! What is he just going to start cutting into my face around-ish the area? But right now all I can think about is how light I feel - like this huge boulder has been lifted. Man I can't even let myself imagine what it would be like to be faced with something way worse. I now have an inkling how I will handle it - spoiler - not that great!

After the appointment we shopped for a bit then grabbed dinner - I had a delicious and bad for me bacon and cheese hamburger and it was so damn good! I may pay for it later - due to my meds - but it was worth it.

Now I am stain treating my light grey jeans that have motor oil all over them. Apparently the oil jug in my trunk tipped over and seeped into my black carpet and I didn't notice (or apparently smell it) and put my overnight bag from last weekend in there and it was only yesterday I looked at the jeans and noticed all these huge discoloured spots. I did wash them right away but I should have been smarter and googled it first. I thought they came out clean last night but they only look oil-free when they are wet. So I read up and treated them tonight with this gojo stuff that Keith uses for his hands after working on our cars - it works amazing for that so we will see if this works. These are jeans I've had for years but have only worn less than a dozen times - cause I'm an idiot. Lesson learned - don't save the 'good or expensive' stuff just for special occasions!

Another lesson? Don't leave a tissue in the pocket of your pants and then wash a load of dark laundry. Yah that happened tonight too! But guess what it hasn't kept me from smiling!


10:14 p.m. - 2018-05-11


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