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This girl needs a wellness day

Can the company run without me there? Yah. The Guilt. I suck at calling in - not sick - we use the term 'wellness day'. We can take a wellness day for any reason - not just cause we are physically ill. We get 10 a year. I try to avoid being actually sick so I can take my wellness days for other reasons. Tomorrow I am heading to go see S and go on a girl mini adventure. I NEED this vacation for mental health reasons so there! Also because sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day is literally killing me. Our bodies are not meant for that.

Enough about that! So the fact I am driving to visit S means that my car is fixed! The hubby did it! He brought the car back to life. Still no AC but apparently the brutal - very brutal - humidity is supposed to break tonight - which should make our journey much more enjoyable.

My mind has gone blank! The hubby has his Specialist appointment tomorrow. His numbers are great. We briefly discussed the fact that his numbers are better than mine and at first he was all "it's your diet" except the fact we eat almost the exact same thing except I sneak in a few extra carbs (cereal, the smallest potatoes ever etc). We then discussed his Very physical job and my very non-physical job and I think he finally understood! I need to be more physical I know this. I'm just not sure how.

My dad was talking about the possibility of receiving a kidney donation. It's way down the road after many tests to see if he's even eligible to receive one. I would give mine if I could. I told Keith who thinks I shouldn't. It's my dad. I would. I'm not sure if I"m even eligible either all we know right now is we're the same blood type.

I received a package in the mail. I ordered a couple shirts for Keith and I for our anniversary in October. I found them online in the states and had to pay duty. I wasn't impressed - these shirts turned out to be damn expensive (at least they are cute and will fit). Now to keep the secret for 2 plus months!

Alright I should wrap this up. I think I'm all packed for tomorrow. I partially packed the car and will finish the rest in the morning. Then I hope to hit the road by 8:30. I can't wait to hang out with S! We normally have such an awesome time cause we're both laid back and just want to have a good time.

PS - Catsoul your recent entry made me lol - esp after I was feeling guilty about using a wellness day! Great timing!

10:17 p.m. - 2018-07-05


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