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Frustrated & gross

I am beyond frustrated! I have no patience - I know this. BUT this guy we are buying our vehicle from is hell-a-annoying. I am pretty sure he tells us white lies and doesn't like to work. We purchased the vehicle Wednesday afternoon. Apparently that day his mechanic called in because his grandma died so he would be off a day or two. Fine, we're not monsters, so we came to the agreement to get the car today - Friday. I waited for a call all day and finally around 1:15 I called and left a message. About 10 minutes later I got a call back saying that his mechanic's brother-in-law died and things have been chaotic. Um okay - bad run in the family? So then he says he would call me back in 1 hour to let me know. Sure.

Fast forward to 4:30 - so yes THREE HOURS later and I finally called him! I get a call back at 4:55 saying he is on the way to the DMV to register my car but it closes at 5 and he doesn't know if he'll make it. OH and did I mention how he went on this rant on Wednesday how the DMV doesn't have dealer lines on the weekends so he has to wait in line like a regular joe and that can take up to 2 hours? Well I call bullshit on that cause I"m a regular joe and in all my years of going, so say 25 years, I have waited a maximum of 30 minutes and that was pushing it.

He starts trying to figure out what time for us to meet him tonight "if" he can make it in the next 3 minutes to the DMV. So I tell him to just call me one way or the other in the next few minutes - either you make it or don't! Finally at 5:30 he calls to tell me he didn't make it on time & got caught up in phone calls thus the reason he didn't call me at 5:01.

He then says that tomorrow he will get up - but not early mind you because he likes to sleep in on Saturday's (he chuckled as he said this) and he would go to the office - get the papers and go to the DMV. Okay - if you were racing to the DMV office with my papers did you drive back to your office and put them back on your desk just to have an extra stop in the morning? See, what he says just reeks of lying! And no I'm not going to piss the guy off who is selling me a car. I don't want to cancel the deal because a) we really like this vehicle and b) he took $200 cash from us so I could see him keeping it! But I definitely would not be able to recommend this guy even if this vehicle is a gem. He's also a schmoozer. He can talk your ear off and he is a genuinely nice guy - just a really crappy business guy! And did I mention he told us he has 3 little kids - one being born rather recently - how is he sleeping in on Saturday's??? Is his wife a Saint? The hours on his website shows he opens at 10:30 - how late do you sleep buddy?

The end result is he will call me tomorrow afternoon - I anticipate I will be the one initiating the call at like 1pm - and we will come pick up the vehicle. I am pretty much okay with not getting the vehicle today for selfish reasons. Once we pick up the vehicle and come home I plan on taking a pic and posting it on fb and sending my parents a pic etc as I mentioned before. However I am gross right now! I have this cheek thing that is looking nasty and I have not washed my hair in two days! I hear you cat soul laughing! But for me 2 days is like a grease trap. I have oily skin and when I don't wash my hair - it's quite greasy. I can go one day now without washing it as 'they' say that's good for hair but 2 days is my limit. I even used dry shampoo today. Good for first part of the day but by the end - greasy. Looking at me you can't really tell it's greasy and gross - but I can tell. I have showered everyday but have avoided getting my face and hair wet. I cannot wait to stand underneath the shower tomorrow morning!

A week from now I'll be sitting in a chair getting a few inches cut off. I kept waffling whether to get a cut or not but I realized I am happier with shorter hair - so be it - shorter hair it will be!

I told Keith tonight it is weird being so bored. No gym, no running around buying stuff or dropping off stuff. I've been reading non stop and catching up on all my shows. I even caught up on big bro - and now that I know who won the HOH (catsoul) I can watch Sunday's show and probably fast forward thru most of it - which is kind of a relief because they drag that out so much!

But I am grateful for this time to be bored. I complain so much about being tired of running around. It's nice to just recharge the ol' batteries. I may even be looking forward to going back to the gym and heck even work on Monday! Maybe.

But this will all depend on whether I go back to work in my new vehicle or am bussing it because someone couldn't get their shit together! Alright I am going to go and surf the flix and find something to watch. It's ME time!

Wish me luck on handing over several thousands of dollars and finally getting my new-to-me vehicle tomorrow! Gah!

7:27 p.m. - 2018-07-20


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