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To Jeep or not to Jeep

Okay I feel like I wrote an entry about our new vehicle but maybe it was just in my head? We got the Jeep! We got the call Saturday around 11 just as Keith was thinking of going for a nap. And the guy had the balls to say, do you think you will be here before noon because I don't want to be at the office all day on a Saturday. I mean he said it nicely but I just couldn't help but laugh after all he was the one who said Saturday afternoon cause he needed to sleep in! Well I wasn't going to let my car sit one more hour than necessary in his lot so we got ready and headed out the door!

Embarrasingly I couldn't drive the car out of the lot! It was in a tight spot and an old guy had parked right in front of it while he walked around and looked at the cars. I had Keith come over and try and get it out - we finally had to ask the old guy to move his car - he was nice and did. I was SO nervous driving home. Like look at me the wrong way and I was freaking out. Can you tell I don't drive nice vehicles very often? In the Corolla I could have cared less, if people hit me 'meh'. Alright fine I wasn't that cool about it but I sure wasn't nervous like I was with this car. We got home, read the owners manual for a few minutes - yah we are those nerds, then took off for the afternoon for a drive. So fun to watch the line on the gas tank move down as you drive - lol - we knew what we were getting into but it still makes me chuckle!

Now here's what I wrote earlier today:

Boy did I have a case of the Sunday blues last night - I guess 5 days off in a row will do that to a person. Even though and it kills me to admit this I NEED structure! I get so much done at work - and I'm just talking my personal life here - forget the actual work stuff (which yah I do get done as well - after all they do pay me!). But last night I was being all mopey, even though we had a pretty fun day on this RAINY summer day. If I hear we 'need the rain' one more time I may scream. I get it - but can the rain come Mon to Fri please? Wait - scratch that - can the rain come when I am AT work ? Too much to ask? I'm off this Wednesday and had been hoping for a beach day with Keith but the rain being forcasted is putting a crimp in my plan plus Keith is all like "your face!". He doesn't want me out in public like this. Kidding! He's worried about me getting my stitches out and it won't be healed enough to go in the dirty lake water. Fine. I'm now looking at this coming weekend for a beach day. Hopefully weather and face will both be a-ok.

I had a horrible time falling asleep last night. I was tired cause I had been up way too early on Sunday - seriously not even 8 hours of sleep! But my brain wouldn't shut down. I had to give it a gentle nudge with some sleepy pills and even then it resisted. I had to cancel out my gym plans for this morning knowing I would feel horrible in the morning. I will go tonight - face tape and all. Although my biggest worry is now parking! I cannot park this huge vehicle! I normally parallel park at the gym to get the good spots out front but I will not even attempt that right now until I can at least figure out backing into spots! I am a huge believer of backing in but not with this behemoth! I did attempt it at work this morning - very carefully and very slowly and even then I had to get out and check how close I was to the wall. Yes I too am rolling my eyes at myself.

I have a pre arranged date night with the hubby this Tuesday! We had to pre-arrange it cause we're going to see the new Mama Mia movie and when we checked the website for seats they were almost sold out except for a handful - so we booked those tickets tout suite! We booked in the VIP theatre which has a lot less seating - we are spoiled now - it's hard to go back to regular seats that don't recline with our legs up!

I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out what Keith and I can do this Wednesday. Something not weather dependent.

I'm hungry. I packed a very bizarre variety of food this morning. Breakfast was normal one egg, one slice of bacon. Then I packed a pancake (left over when I made them yesterday). Then I packed a week old salad that was questionable to say the least and was very small along with 1 drumstick. That's it. Now to my defense I was supposed to pack 2 small buns leftover when we had Swiss and forgot them. Bread = not being hungry at 3:30 in the afternoon. I just found some almonds in my desk! Score! I also just found chocolate covered m&m peanuts in my purse BUT those are for the movie night tomorrow - here's hoping I won't need to dig into them!

Follow-up: I had to dig into them - those almonds were disgusting - stale and funny tasting! Don't tell old Keto Keith! Scratch - that - Keith had carbs today! A hamburger even! I am so proud of him! He took this keto thing to the extreme and lost weight and got his blood sugar under control but his job is too physical and he wasn't eating enough to keep his energy up.

Alright I gotta end this because I need to get up for the gym tomorrow - I bailed tonight. I know! But I did weed all around our house instead and put out recycling and garbage in our household and our neighbours since they are away. Normally my neighbour has her mom do it but her mom was smart this time and left the 8 bins for me. Ugh. Okay peace out!

And for the record I cannot wait for bigbro on Wed that Sam is a firecracker!

9:09 p.m. - 2018-07-23


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