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Final vacay of summer

2 weeks since my last entry - I know this without looking because I officially started another week of vacation as of 4:30 today. Unlike when I was on vacation these 2 weeks dragged by. Although this week was full of work angst. I felt bullied by my manager and I stood up for myself which left me anxiety ridden and almost physically ill. Things did get solved. She basically called a halt to all paper work and for everyone Province wide to concentrate and answer phones......not just me. I was literally shocked by that move. It felt like it wasn't all in my head. But I did come close to leaving work before the resolution. I basically had a mini melt down over work and I was ready to just go to my doctor and be like hey let's write me off for a few weeks shall we? The condition I was in he probably would have. I hope things get better, but there is no guarantee, so I am going to have to work on some coping mechanisms. I have a decade plus left at this job before I can retire so I have to find a way to survive without having a stroke!

Although ironically the day after that blow up I really did go home sick! I left on my lunch hour as my stomach was pretty bad. Female problems mostly. I got home and managed to get quite a bit done and all the moving around helped my stomach a lot. Today the office spent the last 2.5 hours of the day basically sitting around chatting as our system went down. I had to stay on phones to tell people I couldn't help them but there were very few calls so I still got to chit chat. It was also cake centric at work as we had people retiring and summer students leaving as well. I did not need the cake but I ate the cake.

We probably shouldn't talk about the diet right now. I have been horrible. I have thoughts on my self sabatoging but I've been journaling them privately in my written journal so we'll leave it at that right now.

Today Keith was able to borrow his work truck after he was done work - which was nice and early around 11 and head to pick up his brother to help him move his stuff out of the family home. Only one problem. His brother is a selfish asshole who didn't bother showing up. Keith spent probably $60 in gas and almost 3 hours in driving and waiting outside his apartment for him. No call - no texts nothing. He had confirmed that morning. We figure he went to sleep. He doesn't sleep at night because he has sleeping issues. Those issues? Unemployment. So he sleeps all day. I really hate when people claim they have sleeping issues when in reality if they just resisted the damn urge to sleep during the day they could switch their sleep around. Without Keith I'm not sure how his brother is going to get his stuff. It may get all thrown out unless one of us dumps it on his lawn. He definitely won't get the furniture now. Why do people have to be such assholes? Poor Keith, he really wanted to help his brother. He was going to give him his old phone - just 2 years old and in really good condition and has also been sending him emails about jobs in the area his brother lives in. We're going to have to face that you can only try and help a person who wants to be helped. The rest of his family is DONE with him because he has pulled this shit on them and owes most of them money as well. It's sad can't change a person.

Sometime this weekend we are supposed to go to the homestead and help clean it out. The weather is not helping our plans as it's so unpredictable. We're not going to go if it's raining as most of the work is in the barn and outdoors. I guess we'll see what happens and play it by ear (not one of my strong points).

I hung out with T and her munchkin tonight. We met up and thrifted for a bit. It was fun. T is talking about swimming again which would be awesome. I really miss it. I miss the activity and hanging out with her just chatting.

I'm excited about my solo vacation next week but I'm tamping the excitement down because.....the weather. I mean it's booked and paid so even if it rains I'm going but it sure would be nice to have nice weather when you're literally staying on the beach!

Ok my mind is going fuzzy. TIme to hit the hay.

11:06 p.m. - 2018-08-31


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