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December - that's a wrap!

I've been seriously slacking! I wrote a post a few days ago but it is sitting in my drafts folder - not much good there! I have only popped on to Dland a couple times the last few months to quickly read what my peeps are up to and then I pop off. I just read neeks comment in my Notes from October! That was sweet and nice to read : )

Okay so let's do a quick (for me) recap! The month of December!

The first weekend was a work event - our social committee (me and 2 others) hosted a movie event - Ralph breaks the internet. It was a cute movie but I enjoyed the first one better plus my favourite part from the trailers was not in but did play in the credits.

The 2nd weekend I drove 3 hours to see my one and only MB. For the drive I chose all back roads no highways. I ended up going down this beautiful snow covered road in the middle of nowhere with huge trees on either side dusted with snow and it literally took my breath my away. I stopped my car and took a picture. The sky was this pure blue and it was one of those moments where you are just so thankful to be alive and realize how beautiful this world can be. Definitely one of my top 5 moments. That evening I saw Mikey in concert and 12th row was so damn far! But at the end I made for the stage with the other loyal fans and got to have a few minutes of young fan girl excitement - we all need that once in a while.

The next day I continued driving to visit my parents and younger brother and his fam. My mom and I had a date to see a play, do some shopping and have lunch. It was a really nice day. She kept calling it my birthday present to everyone we spoke with and I couldn't help but laugh since my birthday was in September! She treated me to lunch at a chinese buffet and luckily the food stayed in and I didn't have any stomach issues. That evening she went out with my dad and I hung out with my nephews and brother and we were all taken out for dinner by his MIL. Guess where? The same chinese restaurant! Irony! It was a lovely weekend and I ended it by listening to my brother preach at our old church in the shwa.

The 3rd weekend of December I had a date with T and C to see a local play and go out for dinner. T kind of pissed me off by choosing to go to her work party and meet up with us as we were walking into the play completely missing the part where we actually got to sit down and chat and catch up. I wasn't impressed (she literally told us 2 days before the event claiming she just found out about the work party). She stayed at her work event because she wanted to get her x-mas bonus - turns out they didn't give them out then - joke was on her huh? Anyway the play was saw was pretty damn awesome. I would totally recommend it to everyone! It was also interactive which was more fun than it sounds. We were front and centre cause I booked the tickets months ago - that's right our event was set months ago and she still ditched us!

The 4th weekend was the x-mas get together for Keith's side of the fam. Last year we were all shell shocked but held x-mas after his mom's passing. This year it was kind of like the first real x-mas without her. Keith's family home sold - and as we found out later the house has already been torn down and the new owner is already building a new home on the land. We had xmas at the retirement home. The reason we were told was that their dad doesn't leave but I'm not buying it. He leaves. He just doesn't leave on his own to visit with his daughters or go to events. He has never been a social guy. This is really ticking off his daughters. They hauled all the stuff - gifts, food, a million kids and were kind of cranky about all the work to do this (they both live 5 minutes from the home so moving all this stuff would be a huge pain in the ass). Next year I really hope they just hold it in one of their houses. I'm sure their dad would come. Their other brother didn't come but I won't get into that right now.

And following that was CHRISTMAS! Woo. Keith and I both worked x-mas eve - me til noon and he was done around 1:30. We were on the road by 2:30ish and made pretty good time getting to my family. We had a small detour that worked to our benefit as we were forced to stop and grab a quick bite to eat rather than eat with my fam which I found out would have made my stomach react. Originally I was nearly having a melt down as my parents and my brother and his wife were going to 2 different x-mas eve services and I had to choose who to go with. Plus it was like they were not even discussing it I was the go between? Granted my sil is pretty hard to get along with sometimes as she can be kind of bitchy and short with people. Especially my parents - it's a complicated relationship. So finally I told everyone I was going to the church service with my parents. For 2 reasons they were going to the one in town and more importantly they are getting up there in age and spending time with them is something that I have come to appreciate.

As it turns out my brother and sil ended up changing their plans for a couple reasons and we all ended up going to church together which was quite nice. After finally putting out cookies and milk for santa the kids went to bed way too late and we finally got to watch It's a Wonderful Life. This is one of my favourite traditions (and my sil hates it). We went to bed around midnight and I managed to somehow sleep for only 4 hours until we were woken up by the boys. I'll skip the presents thing for now and jump to our x-mas dinner at the church. I normally end up with a huge headache and pissed off at half the people who attended. Every year I tell myself to 'let it go' and just 'be in the moment' etc etc and luckily this year I listened to myself! I had a really good time. It is always a little too chaotic for me at the end when we are trying to exchange gifts because I feel like we are trying to do it in secret since it is only about 12 of us who do it and my parents don't like the others feeling left out (they all exhanged gifts with their loved ones that morning so I don't feel bad at all). Overall there were 31 of us who attended the dinner. We are always scrambling to find everyone as they are cleaning, or packing their car or are even half way out the door ready to leave! This year my other sil didn't get a gift as my uncle with the head injury forgot he had her and nobody thought to check the list my mom insisted on making this year to see if he was right. I don't really blame her I mean he got it right last year. But it was sort of fishy as they gave my sil the gift that was intended for our aunt - a sweater - um the same sweater I saw my mom unwrap from my dad that morning at home. I got a top from my cranky sil that is her size so I think it was one of the 6 shirts she ordered for herself but opened the gift 'from my brother'. Oh x-mas never a dull moment!

Keith and I left on boxing day morning. My dad left for dialysis at 7am so I got up to say goodbye. My mom dropped him off but came back so I was able to say goodbye to her and also get paperwork to send in to see if I am eligible to donate a kidney to my dad (more on that in another entry). Keith and I made pretty good time considering the only bad spot on the hwy was near an outlet mall where traffic came to a screeching halt for over half an hour.

Today we are both back to work. It's not even busy at work so the fact they denied so many of us vacation this week is a huge joke and pretty awful of them. I am back in tomorrow even though I found out I have one more sick day left of the year I didn't know I had. It's a cake day tomorrow plus I have to buy movie tix for tomorrow night to see a movie with my friend M. Priorities - am I right?

Alright I wanted to be in bed by now - my body is begging for just 8 hours of sleep at least once this week and I am trying to help that happen! G'night!

9:54 p.m. - 2018-12-27


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