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Joke was on me

Officially on vacay. No exclamation mark after that cause I can't muster up the excitement - yet. On Monday at work I said to a co-worker, I think I'm getting sick. I have a sore spot right here and pointed to my throat on the left side. Just one small spot. That evening Keith and I went out for our lobster dinner (ok he had shrimp) and it was divine except I'm an idiot and had dessert which ruined the meal. I was too full. Will I ever learn?

Anywho Tuesday I went in to work, the weather people called for freezing rain and snow. Neither really happened. A bit of both but nothing serious. As the day progressed the weather got a little crappier and so did I. By 3:30 I called it a day and headed home. Mostly I just wanted to beat the stupid downtown traffic at rush hour - it had begun to get slick by then. But also I was feeling so run down and my throat had begun to hurt when I swallowed.

Wednesday morning I woke up and felt like crud. So I called my manager to say I wouldn't be in. Funny story, I didn't realize I had no voice until I went to speak into the phone. I was barely able to squeak out my message. I then went back to bed. Keith was home as it was his day off and he spent a lot of the day outside shovelling - all the snow they had predicted the day before was coming now with some super white out conditions. I was quite happy not to be driving in that! I napped off and on through out the day and then went to bed at 8:45.

Thursday I went to work. I can't afford many sick days but I was also feeling better. Although that morning a few of us were sitting and chatting as we do every morning when one of them said how they don't like when I am sick. Apparently I'm too quiet. Good to know my sassy voice is missed. I made it thru the day and then got home where we had din and then Keith headed to bed and I finally watched big bro and saw who won. I then called my parents had a short chat and then had a surge of energy! My throat has stopped hurting, I was no longer croaking when I spoke and I wasn't tired! I finally got myself to go to sleep around 11.

Then I woke up this morning - HEAD COLD! Joke was on me, my cold was giving me a reprieve to show me how good life could be.....but not yet! Yah that's right I'm whining cause I can't breath out of one nostril! I am def going to bed at a decent time tonight. We have a fun little road trip planned tomorrow to a bunch of places we've never been. The weather looks ok so I just have to make sure I feel okay!

A bunch of debating is going on about the amber alert system that happened last night. It's pretty new in that your cell phone goes off with this alert no matter the time and even if your phone is on do not disturb. Mine didn't go off which confused me until I realized I had my volume turned off and do not disturb on. But I guess it happened around 11:30 a child was abducted by her father and then at 12:30 they sent another saying it was cancelled she was found. It was only later in the morning everyone found out she wasn't alive when she was found and her father had fled - they found him. People are upset that they are getting these so late - which I say too bad a child's life is in danger. But then the other argument is why send out the 2nd one just to say it's called off? Keith was pretty heated up about it when I came home and he does love to debate. Me? I'm just trying to breath thru one nostril and go thru as many kleenex as I can. I just feel super shitty about what happened to that girl at the hands of her father. On her birthday. People are f*cked.

Well I didn't really want to end on such a negative note. Sorry. I'm going to go curl up in some blankets watch an episode of a new show on Flix to see if it's something I'll like. Not sure if I want to like it or not as I feel I already watch too much tv but it's not like I'll be going to the gym anytime soon when I can't breath and my head hurts like a mofo. Hm - I'll try to be more positive next time!

8:12 p.m. - 2019-02-15


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