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Blow ups everywhere

I am on vacay! I know I say this almost every time I'm on vacation but I really do mean it this time: boy do I need this! Work has not been good. I am going thru some stuff. I got in trouble. For slacking. OK they didn't say that but that's what it boils down to. But the way my manager handled it was quite unacceptable. The short version is I haven't been meeting my stats all year - since January - but no one bothered to tell me. I had a meeting with my boss last week and she basically said I had a week to get my stats up or else I"d be put on a performance program or some such jargon. Then she told me I had to stop chatting so much with my cube neighbour and used her name. I was shocked on so many levels. I had another meeting 3 days later for my manager to tell me more stuff and then tell me that her manager is threatening my flex come September. Yah it's f*cking on now. I will get my union involved before that happens. And my manager will be hung out to dry. I'm playing nice right now but that will stop. She can't ignore me for 7 months and then put all the blame on me - hell no. BUT here's where I own up to my part in this. I KNOW I haven't been giving it my all. I haven't worked like a dog 24/7. I chat with my co-workers quite a bit. And before all of us were put on phones all day I would def ignore my paper work in order to answer phones. But screw this I am on vacation and I refuse to think about this AT ALL this week. Next week when I am back at the office it will be nose to the grind stone and those mother effers can go screw themselves.

So yah that has been my life the last while. The day the shit went down at work I came home and had a horrible fight with Keith. Yelling and crying and slamming doors. He said he was even going to leave the house - I can't say I really believe him on that but I guess he was mad enough. I was mostly to blame BUT in my defense we are sitting on some emotionally fueled issues that we have both been avoiding talking about. After the blow up I brought up said issues and we talked. We actually talked about them. We talked for over an hour. All is not great but we are no longer just avoiding certain issues. Do I have my work to thank?

What else? My parents moved - again. The movers were coming on a Friday - I spoke to my parents on a Wednesday knowing full well they would again be moving certain items - ie way too many boxes on their own Thursday. I found out neither of my brothers were helping them even though I had asked them a month ago to do so. So I got on them and started asking questions and lo and behold both of them helped my parents move! I"m gob smacked sometimes at how clueless guys can be and a little unimpressed with my sils as normally they step up or at least tell my brothers to step up!

Keith and I went down on Saturday and my parents apt is super small. Like beyond cozy and they have enough stuff for 4 apts. They were quite overwhelmed. We helped them for a couple hours weed out and sort thru several boxes. My dad was pretty frustrated and got nagging at my mom and that evening she was frosty. My dad tried getting in her good graces but she wasn't having it. It put a bit of a damper on the evening but I couldn't really blame her as dad was really ragging on her and all their stuff. So the next day I again spoke to my brothers and we came up with a few solutions to help my parents out. Storing some x-mas stuff till they need it and can go thru it is one. Buying new smaller pieces of furniture at Ikea is another. My parents were receptive to both ideas and I may be going shopping with them in August if they can wait that long. They are expecting furniture today. I may call and see if it arrived since I can't call tomorrow for our weekly chat. Keith and I tried to make a clearing where the furniture would go hopefully there was enough room!

So the reason I won't be here tomorrow is that my friend S and I are going on our yearly girly vacay! I'm supposed to be packing up the jeep and hitting the road tomorrow morning. I should be packing right now but I've been binge watching some recorded tv shows and drinking my coffee. A little R&R. But now I gotta head out. I need to pick up a few items at the grocery store. Keith is having a horrible day at work so dinner is all on me. He knew he would have a long day after the long weekend but his truck broke down this morning - of course it did - and his day is running super long. The good thing is he's off tomorrow so he can rest. He'll actually rest since I will be gone!

Alright enough procrastinating time to go and do stuff!

3:07 p.m. - 2019-07-02


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