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Weekend wrap up - yeehaw

Plan A was to sit outside and read for another half hour - but my neighbours are cooking and the smell of burnt food is not pleasant. My neighbours are Indian and their kitchen faces the front deck so when I sit outside on a nice summer night I pray they are not cooking. I don't know what they cook I just know it always smells like they are burning the food - normally the predominant smell is burnt onions. Thankfully we shut all our windows about an hour ago and turned the AC on as it's been off the last few days. Otherwise my living room would smell bad. I'm not trying to be hurtful or disrespectful I just really hate it when my neighbour cooks. Drug dealer, noisy grandkids, a dog that takes a leak on our lawn, a car that has sat in their driveway since we moved here 12 years ago in which they start up every 6 months and rev the motor super loudly for 30 minutes and now a car that parks in front of our house 24/7. They are not winning at being my favourite neighbour that's for sure.

Hm I didn't intend to start this entry of cranky but it is what it is. Plan B is to type up a quick entry and then finish catching up on my faves.

So my weekend. I went to my Specialist appointment Friday morning and as I mentioned I was not expecting good news. Turns out it was good news. She was quite pleased with my numbers! My weight was about the same but she seem pleased with that. I guess she knows summer is meant for indulging! My cholesterol was high so now I need to work on that. Oy vey getting older is fun! I left there in pretty good spirits. I text my massage guy hoping to get in early and I did get in early - 10 minutes. Ah well. There were a few spots he worked on that were 'holy crap' sore but I left there being able to walk without my back spasming so I am calling that a win! The massage left me sore all weekend but a much different sore than not being able to walk without being in pain.

The 10 minute early start left me with plenty of time to get downtown for my hair appointment. I had a newbie (I go to a school) and boy she was fresh from the classroom. I used to joke about getting someone that new where the teacher had to show them how to cut but this was a first that it happened! I got it cut a lot shorter than planned - not her fault - I was feeling bold at the time. But a more seasoned person probably would have finessed it some. I sort of feel like I have a page boy cut - so a bob basically. My hair has too much wave to be sleek and just lay flat so it's been an interesting couple days trying to get a handle on this hair. I also hate styling it in the mornings so this is gonna cramp my style till it grows out a bit. But for the most part I'm happy with it. I stepped out of my comfort zone - which is a pony tale/bun. I can't even put it all back in an elastic at this length. That may drive me crazy for a bit as oddly I don't like my hair touching my face. Ok enough about hair!

The rest of Friday was running some errands with Keith - the hallloween store is open so we stopped in to take a look. Everything is so expensive but we just have fun looking around and getting ideas. We usually buy something before halloween with a coupon of course! Then it was din (bbq'd steak by moi) and then bed for Keith and staying up way to late for me.

Saturday Keith continued his ritual of bringing me home a coffee - he started doing this out of the blue a month or two ago - on Saturday mornings. I don't know why he started but I hope he doesn't stop! It's sweet and thoughtful and I like it a lot. After texting forever with T and C trying to figure out plans to maybe meet up that evening I finally showered and Keith and I headed out for the day. First stop was to drop off my cowboy boots to get them re-soled. That shit is expensive! I have had these boots for probably 25 years! I remember buying them with S. We made a special trip into Toronto just for the boots as I wanted a really good pair - I spent like $400 on them way back then. But they've lasted! Of course I don't wear them a lot but still I"m impressed. The guy I brought them too looked at them and said he thinks he was the one who re-soled them about 10 or 15 years ago. Good memory? I don't know but he didn't cut me a deal so obviously it didn't mean that much to him that I'm a returning customer! Truth be told I googled places to go and he was nearby at the mall and had good reviews. I pick them up next Friday before the wedding I"m going to Saturday. I"m hoping to wear them when I change into comfy wear in the evening. It's that kind of wedding.

Then Keith and I did our favourite thing and just drove to places we haven't been and checked out stores and places new and old until it was time to meet up with T and her fam for rib fest. C has a bad back and couldn't meet up. It was a fun evening. T's mom came (her and I worked together) so it was nice catching up. We ate, we shopped and T's kid went on a few rides. It's always interesting to watch parents. At the first rib fest my brother and his wife bought the kids wrist bands to go on all the rides. T bought her kid 3 tickets so she could go on 2 rides. But I don't judge. My nephews have each other to go on rides but T's kid is by herself as none of the adults wanted to go on spiny rides! Around 8:30 we left. It was nice staying a bit late as C as per usual is early to arrive and early to leave - anywhere - every time. This was a bit more relaxing. Sad but true.

Today was a stay at home relaxing day which we haven't truly had in a while. Keith played video games all day long. I read, painted a couple gnomes, did some dishes and laundry - just puttered. I'm sure we should have been cleaning or (whisper*working on the basement*) but we didn't. We did nothing and it was nice.

Tomorrow starts a 5 day work week (boo). I am nervous about my back. It's better but sitting in my chair at work I know is going to cause problems. I lean in. I try and catch myself but I do. I may have to just raise my desk and try and stand for most of the day tomorrow. I do get to leave early though........for a dentist appointment. Sadly I will take it! I'm getting a filling re-done. You poke it long enough with a sharp object (the dentist not me) and voila you need it re-done or at least that's my theory cause it hasn't been bugging me!

I am SO looking forward to going away for the wedding then coming home and going away by myself for a few days. I hope the weather co-operates and I get some nice beach/sun time. I Cannot wait!!!

Alright time to wrap up! Oh during my puttering I hand washed the dress I am wearing to the wedding this weekend. I am in love with it! It's black with white swirls and hugs my waste which is quite slimming! I bought it months ago at a thrift store for $9. I am so excited to finally wear it!

8:02 p.m. - 2019-08-25


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