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More cough syrup please

Second time's the charm! I wrote an entry last night - went to post and lost it. Partly my fault as I forgot to 'ctrl c'. Ah well old news.

I just realized as I was walking about a few minutes ago plugging in my dying lap top and shutting some windows that this is the best I have felt in over a week! The 24 hour exhaustion I have felt has finally begun to lift. This blasted cold started a week ago on our drive to Niagara Falls. The first symptoms began to hit and from there it was a non stop downward spiral. I missed work, I missed social engagements, I missed pampering appointments - I missed so much due to this damn cold. It hit me hard. Right now I am left with a congested chest and a cough that is aggressive and persistent especially when I lie down.

So yes a common cold brought me down days before my birthday. I did still go away this past weekend to visit my family. I wish I had felt better. But my family were great and they showered me with love on my birthday.

I've been catching up on diaries and then finally doing some house cleaning - of diaries. I figure if someone hasn't updated in over 5 years they probably won't be coming back any time soon. Interesting to see tho how their diaries have been archived and can be brought back - for a price - this is new. It's good to see there are changes being made.

I think next time I will have to write my entry first because my attention is too far gone to write a proper entry. I will wrap this up now and hope to write a proper entry soon!

8:45 p.m. - 2019-09-16


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