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Halloween 'crunch'

It's not even 5 o'clock yet? This day has been LONG. Glad I get an extra hour of sleep tonight, I'm gonna need it!

So halloween was almost a wash out. The weather was horrible here. Raining all day and once the rain was to ease up the wind was going to start up big time. But Keith made the best of it and decorated our yard and front deck as best he could - it was actually really good. I came home from work, pizzas in hand and before I got in the house he asked me to park my jeep on the road so we could keep our driveway clear. I wasn't happy about it and jokingly said someone would hit me. For the next 3 hours we sporadically handed out candy to the 50 or so trick or treaters. We called it a night a bit earlier than usual as the wind had indeed picked up and our stuff was starting to fly all over the place. We got to work dismantling like we do every year and within 30 minutes there was no sign that halloween had happened at our house.

I slept like the dead that night - no pun intended. I went for my massage and half way thru my nose began to run - gross - blowing your nose a lot in front of your rmt is not cool. I left and as I walked toward my jeep I noticed a spot by the rear door on the driver's side. I thought it was dirt and went to brush it when I noticed my vehicle was actually crumpled in! I had been hit!!! I got in the car and drove home my mind racing. When? Where? The only logical answer was when I parked on our street. Once home I sent Keith a text telling him about what I found and then there was no time to do anything else as I had to get ready to meet up with friends for lunch.

I met up with T, her mom and an ex co-worker. T was a last minute addition. It sort of moved the tone of the lunch tho. Rather than 3 co-workers catching up it was way more random and less catching up. Ah well. I hope P my ex coworker enjoyed it. I did a bit of shopping with T and her mom at the thrift store - all halloween stuff 75% off and then headed home.

Keith met me at the door and when I asked if he figured out who hit the jeep he said yes he had. He had watched the footage from our cameras. It happened not 20 minutes after I had parked my jeep out front - so still daylight. Turns out it was my neighbours mom. She backed into my jeep - and not a little we watched it rock my jeep back and forth then as she drove away - yes drove away - she did a shoulder check (caught on the other camera) to see what she hit. Not stopping. I immediately text my neighbour and told her what happened. She was livid - at her mom. She came over and watched the footage with us. She even recorded it on her phone. After talking with her and her husband who also came over a bit later we decided it was best if I went thru my insurance and not try and go private. So many horror stories about when people go private. Normally the person trying to do the favour is the one that gets screwed. So I called her mom (she already knew I was calling) and got her insurance info. Although she did say at first that if I wanted to get an estimate and if it was reasonable she would pay it out of pocket. Haha - no. I told her I had already started a claim - which I had. At the end of our conversation she did apologize for hitting my car. I told her I appreciated that. Which I do. But there is still a part of me that is aghast that she just drove away. If we didn't have cameras we would have been on the hook for this. I sure hope this lady smartens up. Sadly she has hit not one but 2 of my neighbours cars when they were parked where I was!

After all that I needed a drink so after a quick dinner of yucky fast food I said goodnight to Keith and walked across the road, vodka, cran and ice in my bag and hung out with neighbour til midnight. I slept great last night.

For the first year ever I gave AWAY all our left over chocolate from halloween. Why? Because for the first time EVER my eye exam showed some diabetes damage. It's a spot which means that my blood sugar spiked. These spots can go away by themselves as long as you keep your sugar levels low. I'm taking this seriously. I can be quite lax but having my eyes showing damage was a wake up call. Also because I work on computers 8 hours a day my eyes have regressed once again. My vision is no longer 20/20. My night vision is not great and if it rains I'm in trouble. So we discussed me wearing glasses during these occasions. The good news is when this happened back in 2013 I had glasses made up which I still have and which are the right prescription. Luckily these didn't get buried (how?) and were easy to find that evening when I went to my belly dance class on the dark and rainy night. It was insane how much these glasses helped! The good news if you will is that I can get lasik again in a year or so when my eyes get worse. I mean good news in the sense that I really don't want to go back to glasses. But we also discussed how I'm needing a little extra help reading the small print on packages. Damn this getting old is hard!

And to wrap up this lengthy entry Keith and I went out today to a couple halloween stores for the clearance items. Our last stop was nearby at our local grocery store to get some things for dinner. We jump back in the jeep - and nothing - it won't start. We knew the battery was having issues - it hesitated starting a few times last winter and again a week or so ago when it got cold. We walked home thankfully only a 10 minute walk, got our other car, drove back, jumped the jeep and drove both home. Did I mention during this I had some woman issues pop up right in the middle of it all? You can only laugh at times like this! But Keith looked around found us a battery and we went and picked it up and he installed it. Although he wasn't happy that he paid way less for this battery than he did the one for his crappy old car - turns out he didn't look around at pricing for his and paid out the nose!

Alright gonna post, do a bit of cleaning before dinner and hopefully have a nice uneventful evening with my husband!

4:52 p.m. - 2019-11-02


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