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Oh I am cranky. PMS cranky. It doesn't help that we have no heat in our house right now. Our furnace is glitching. It does this occasionally and of course it's always on one of the coldest nights of the year. I'm super cranky at the fact that Keith can't actually go into the furnace room to examine the furnace and we definitely can't call anyone to come look at it because our furnace room is filled with so much crap from our basement 'reno'. And because I did not want to start WW3 I did not utter any of those words to my husband. He knows. He doesn't need me harping on it. I am thankful I am at work tomorrow and then off to the theatre with T and her mom. I pray that by the time I get home tomorrow night we will have heat. It's going to be a cold night. I can't even cuddle with the hubs as he's in the spare room. I'm hoping that the tv will generate some heat in the bedroom.

I went to the gym tonight mostly because it was cold in the house. But really because I had to hit the bank for tomorrow. It was snowing and crappy out so I"m super surprised I actually went. I got a mediocre work out done but I figure that's better than nothing.

Now I need to get ready for bed and go to sleep. I got a crappy night sleep last night. I want to feel refreshed and less cranky for tomorrow. I also have to get up a bit early to figure out what I am wearing tomorrow night and then pack it up and bring it to work.

Alright this entry is short and cranky but that's me right now!

10:02 p.m. - 2020-02-06


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