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Tough love time

So I think it is time for some tough love - with myself. I have indulged in so much junk food the last month blaming it on the state of the world around me - while yet it is true - but for the sake of my health I need to put a STOP to it now. Chocolate, cookies, baked goods, chips - so much of the bad stuff.

T just sent me text, in fb she had a pic from 6 years ago that showed us sitting outside side by side and she just wanted to take a moment to say how proud of me she was for losing weight and how good I am looking. It was a very sweet gesture and one that made me feel even guiltier for just polishing off the family size bag of chips I had opened just yesterday. Keith too has been indulging in carbs and junk food but yesterday he said he had to stop. I guess I am one day behind him. So here goes! Everything in moderation. First it was the booze which I have cut down on and now it's junk food which I need to have as a 'every now and then' treat and not oh look the sun has gone down time to snack! So yah.

Walking didn't really happen this weekend either. Friday it began to rain/snow just as my work day ended so no evening walk. Saturday we took the jeep for a drive as she's a finicky vehicle. It was only about half an hour but we considered that our outing and I did go for a short walk around 3 but it was only about 20 minutes. Today we pretty much had a stay in your pj's day except for a brief respite when we threw on clothes and went to the park for a few minutes,.

I also had a day of chores planned but that didn't happen either. I watched my brother's church service with Keith and then we sat around and somehow a couple hours passed then I pretty much read for the afternoon and after he went to bed. I finished a book I started yesterday. It was a good book.

I also had some anxiety this weekend as I had text my mom Friday morning to find out how they were both feeling and she didn't reply til a few hours later. Turns out my dad is feeling better. He even got in to see a doctor about the cyst on his behind which they had to do the whole drainage thing (been there and that is a killer).

Today is T's birthday. Yesterday C drove to her house with some gifts from the both of us and dropped it off on her step. It was very sweet and thoughtful of C. I feel bad I didn't think of it! So thankful C included me!

Alright it's time to try and go to sleep. I always mess up my sleep on the weekends and this one is no different. My body likes the 12:30 to 8:30 hours the best but pretty sure my bosses wouldn't like that too much. Although if I didn't care about showering or dressing it is do-able I am only 10 seconds from my work station! Ha.

11:03 p.m. - 2020-04-19


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