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Is it over yet? How about now?

Still living in the land of limbo. I tend to avoid the news which I know is wrong but so damn depressing plus there really are no answers. I catch the odd news headline when I log in at work every morning - close enough for me.

I am totally losing track of days and it's only Wednesday. T came by on Monday at lunch with her daughter. They were in the area so I broke down and said yes. We kept the social distancing and took a quick walk in the park near my house. Her daughter played on her scooter. Keith caught up to us just as we left the house, we walked with him for a bit then I kicked him back home so T and I could have some good ol' fashioned girl talk. It was minimal due to small ears listening but it was nice to chit chat like old times. We both miss swimming and our weekly chats.

I have a bunch of b-days coming up in May and I guess I better start figuring out my game plan. The big one is of course Keith's. I have ideas what to get him but I just have to put in the time on the ol' laptop and do some searching. Maybe tomorrow night. Soon I will be getting ready for bed and settling in with my Schitt$ Creek. I finished the series but have re-started it. I told Keith that before bed I need something that is just pure FUN and takes my mind off the seriousness of life. I don't want to go to bed worrying about the future and not having a summer etc. So I watch 2 episodes of SC and I go to bed with a smile on my face. That show is SO damn good. The writing is brilliant.

Anywho not much going on here. We ran out of work this week. Well for my part of the job. My manager wants us to do online courses. The one I did today was something to do with punctuation and when to use numbers in written form etc and it was surprisingly hard. I say we ran out of work but we still get calls so not so lucky that I can walk away from my desk and sit on my sofa and watch some tv - ha.

Now let's wrap this up with a little Barbie talk (Neeks!) I started thinking about my past barbies and I've come to realize I don't think I really got any 'special' barbies. Looking back we grew up - I hesitate to use the word poor - because I NEVER felt that way. But we didn't really have excess cash lying around. I was never left wanting but the year of the cabbage patch doll craze I got the 'fake one' but the year after that craze I got 2 cabbage patch dolls. Same with barbies I don't think I ever got any special ones just regular off the rack dolls. It was mostly the clothes that I was in love with. I had a TON of barbie clothes. I even had favourite outfits. I remember one plain as day that I loved - it was a black mini skirt with a long white cable knit sweater. My barbies were always stylin'! I used to have a gym bag packed with barbies and clothes. I never thought to ask my parents to save them for me. I used to love sitting for hours playing with barbies, dressing them up and coming up with elaborate stories. I had one helluva imagination. I wonder if that's why I like to write? I also live in my head a lot of the time - sometimes I can think about some outlandish scenario that might happen to me and I can roll with that idea for hours.

I fear I'm rambling now.

Yesterday my back was super sore. I started having small spasms that were painful. Keith 'adjusted' my back semi back into place. It's feeling a lot better today but still slightly out. If the weather is as nice as they are calling for this weekend I sense some driveway day drinking with my neighbour. That may just help the back relax enough to go back into place cause I don't know if you know this but this whole effed up situation with the world can be kind of stressful - ha.

9:22 p.m. - 2020-04-29


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